Give us discipline which serves doctrine or give us death

…So, what is my point? Simply this: I believe that I, and others like me, are being played for fools. We are allowed by revolutionary clergymen to continue believing Catholic doctrine, investing our entire lives in the Church of a bygone era, while the movers-and-shakers create lying impressions that drive what the majority of Catholics and non-Catholics believe and do. This is worse by far than an outright, head-on assault on the deposit of faith, because there’s no creedal heresy to be refuted, rejected, and warned of. It’s all ether in the wind; all pastoral praxis, publicity, public opinion, and change at the parish level. Worst of all, very few orthodox Catholics seem aware of these mechanics. Continually insisting that “Rome hasn’t changed doctrine, there’s no need to be alarmed” seems the stupid talk of fools – saps to be taken advantage of. Sure, the revolutionaries say, have your precious doctrine. Have your pie in the sky ideals. Us, the change-agents, have wrought revolution without regard for it. If we’re to begin turning the tide of the practical experience and identity of being Catholic, the one lived out in our parishes and dioceses, we have to acknowledge the problem with clarity. This is already beginning to happen among our bishops and the rest of the faithful, thanks to the good that God is bringing out of this terrible synod. The cancer of creeping, incremental change has exploded in violence; and the body is waking up. We who believe know that doctrine is unchangeable. Let’s stop concerning ourselves only with it, and begin to take seriously the substantial change brought about through propaganda, fed to the world by those of who’ve lost the Faith. (Source)

Out of the mouths of babes… In the age of the wobbly fromage where there is no clarity or definition, our opponents can run roughshod over the practice of the Catholic Faith.  This demonic attempt to drive a wedge between doctrine and discipline is what the revolutionaries are really after, but they are now being called on the carpet for it.  I think the Synod Fathers who upheld the Church’s traditional beliefs now understand what they are up against.  They have, for the first time in an official setting, understood what faithful Catholic laity have been screaming about for decades.  Some people say the Synod was a disaster.  It wasn’t.  It was the best thing that could have happened to us.  The greatest challenge we have had – as Faithful laity – is that precious few bishops understood the gravity of the problem before this Synod.  I don’t think that is a problem anymore.  The mask has been removed and we see the ugliness of the face that is looking at us.  We’re getting very blunt and frank language from the bishops and cardinals, and it’s like soothing ointment on an open wound.  Finally, finally, finally….they get it!

Any Catholic who believes that one can “apply discipline” in any way that is at variance with the Church’s doctrinal witness is deluded or a scammer.  And that label is not discriminatory to anyone who chooses to wear it.  It’s available from peasant to Pope. Let us think about what discipline is.  When someone asks a Catholic why do we do what we do or why we observe what we observe, what is the answer to the question?  What does a Catholic say? Ultimately, the answer always comes back to DOCTRINE.

  • Why do you not practice contraception?  Because it is against the Apostles Creed and the Trinity.
  • Why do you not amass great wealth?  Because we are not to worship false gods.
  • Why do you not divorce and remarry?  Because no sacrament is dissoluble, and God’s grace is sufficient for us.
  • Why do you not approve of homosexual relationships?  Because homosexual acts are a violation of the Eight Commandment and attack the image of God.

The author of the above article has nailed it.  The real business of the progressives is to make the Catholic Faith a theoretical religion; a quaint idealism that doesn’t work in real life for most Christians.  In fact, that’s exactly what Kasper says:

“To live together as brother and sister? Of course I have high respect for those who are doing this,” he told Commonweal’s Matthew Boudway and Grant Gallicho, referring to divorced partners who have entered into a new civil marriage. “But it’s a heroic act, and heroism is not for the average Christian.” (Source)

The heart of this new religion is a disbelief that God’s grace is enough for us to live what our doctrine teaches.  What Kasper and the other progressives are proposing to us is a sociological religion which denies God’s supernatural grace.  It is a man-made religion based on modernist premises, and ultimately represents an apostasy from God and His divine law.  It’s as clear as day for anyone who has eyes to see. This must be resisted with all the effort and sacrifice that we can all muster.  We are fighting for the very existence of the Catholic religion itself, and since God is no respecter of persons, neither can we be, either.   Anyone who stands against the Gospel in the Church needs to be thrown under the bus.

One thought on “Give us discipline which serves doctrine or give us death

  1. Urgent Prayer Need:Prayer Request from Dan and Marilyn Wilson.

    Missionaries who are in the areas that are being attacked by ISIS are asking to be showered in prayer. ISIS has taken over the town they are in today. He said ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. He said so far not one child has. So far all have consequently been killed,but not the parents. The Secular so-called “neutral” UN has withdrawn and the missionaries are on their own. They are determined to stick it out for the sake of the Arab Christian families, even if it means their own deaths. They are very afraid, have no idea how to even begin ministering to these families who have had seen their children martyred. Yet our Triune God has called them for some reason to be His voice and hands at this place at this time. Even so, they are begging for prayers for courage to live out their vocation in such dire circumstances, and like the children, accept martyrdom if they are called to do so.

    These brave Christian parents instilled such a fervent faith in their children, that they chose to tell the truth when they are asked if they are Christian. Please surround these Christian parents in their loss with your prayers for hope, and perseverance.

    One missionary was able to talk to her brother briefly by phone. She didn’t say it outright, but I believe she thinks it will be their last conversation. Pray without ceasing for her too. She said her brother just kept asking her to help him know what to do and to do it. She told him to tell the families we ARE praying for them, and they are not alone or forgotten here, no matter what. Please keep them all in your prayers.
    This prayer request came this morning.
    Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts.
    He said,”We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading Christian children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food to. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (The Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated its staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay until we cannot. Prayer cover needed!” Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the Christian people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS, and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion, or death for Christians across this region. May I plead with you not to ignore this email. Do not forward it before you have prayed through it. Then send it to as many people as possible. Send it to friends and Christians you may know. Send it to your prayer group. Send it to your Priest and phone him/her to pray on Sunday during the service – making a special time of prayer for this. We need
    to stand in the gap for our fellow Christians.
    Thank you for all your prayers!

    When a society leaves Christ in Government,Law and Education,then what will fill the vacuum? Please have the mind of Christ in “all” your activities!

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