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Dear readers:

As this whole scandalous drama unfolds with Development & Peace, it is important to remember that this organization has been funding groups which have beliefs and agendas diametrically opposed to the Catholic faith for years.  It’s not just abortion.  It encompasses many issues around sexual morality and the traditional family.

At first, D&P might have accomplished some good, but as liberation theology took hold and proportionalism started to grip the Catholic Church in Canada, D&P began to stray from its original mandate.  As consequence, millions of dollars over 42 years which could have gone to groups whose complete mandate is to help the poor and the disadvantaged have gone to the feminist political action committees, bent on asserting “women’s empowerment” and sexual “reproductive rights” – the euphemism for abortion and contraception.   If you don’t believe me, you should visit these groups’ websites and Google their names.  Your impression will change within minutes.

Not only did this money go to these groups,  it did not go where it should have gone. That’s a double scandal of epic proportions.

We would never have realized the depth of this rot if did not report it

We would have been kept in the blissful dark as our money was being shipped off to all parts of the world to fund groups who lobby governments and sign declarations in support of the abortion slaughter that we, ourselves, have been fighting all of these years.  We would continue to be the useful idiots of the international abortion lobby without even knowing it.  Indeed, our spiritual leaders, the bishops, who are supposed to be guarding against this sort of massive abuse did not alert us to these abuses but have let us continue pumping in money to the world-wide abortion effort.  It would be preferrable to believe this was simply a matter of gross negligence on their part, but I fear (and I suspect most of you do too) that it is goes much further than that.

This scandal is matched only with the soft abortion policy of St. Joseph’s hospital, which is under the direct oversight of the Bishop of London.  Once again, the soft abortions would have continued to be performed in perpetuity if had not shone the light there as well. 

We did not arrive at the position we are in with abortion without some serious problems within the Catholic Church in Canada.  To believe otherwise is not to face the reality. And so we must face the reality, and if the bishops and their official organs like D&P insist on remaining in the dark, we will shine the light so that all may see and judge for themselves. 

It seems to me therefore that we all owe LifeSiteNews a debt of gratitude and thanks for their courageous exposition of the truth of the state of the Catholic Church in Canada and its complicity and promotion of abortion here in Canada and around the world.

If you value the information you have received, may I humbly suggest two sacrificial offerings you may want to make this Lent:

#1 – If you want to alleviate hunger and poverty under the auspices of a legitimate Catholic agency in the developing world, please consider supporting CHALICE.  In addition to being totally faithful to the Church’s teaching on human sexuality and the dignity of human life, here are some of the objectives they have listed on their website:

  • To establish and maintain sponsor sites that respond to the needs of people struggling with the effects of poverty, particularly the lack of basic education, food, clothing, housing and health.
  • To support community initiatives of people who share our mission and values.
  • To monitor all Chalice sponsor sites in order to ensure that those sponsored are properly benefiting from the funds given by our sponsors and other donors, according to our goals.
  • To provide programme and sponsor site information regularly about Chalice that will be of interest to sponsors and other benefactors.
  • To provide maximum financial support to our sponsor sites by keeping overhead and administrative costs to a minimum.
  • To offer presentations and make appeals to Catholic parishes and other interested groups who wish to support the work of Chalice.

You won’t find any feminist political action initiatives in there, nor will you find Distribution Centres for condoms, like you find with D&P’s beneficiaries.  If you cannot afford to sponsor a child at this time, please consider giving a one-time donation or even an annual one.

#2 – Another worthy cause is giving to itself. Normally, you may not consider this a form of charity, but in light of these scandals and the information provided, it is a necessity to have this information so we can make good and moral decisions, unfiltered and unspun by Church organs and their bureaucrats. In fact, this coming Sunday March 29,  D&P is slated to receive money from the collection plate at Mass. I see that their donation envelope has been inserted in our donation envelope box.  Instead of donating to D&P, remove the envelope and write a cheque for a tidy sum to LifeSiteNews. Put the cheque in the D&P envelope as a sign of thanks to LifeSiteNews for their work and mail it to LifeSite News at:
104 Bond St, Third Floor
Toronto ON  M5B 1X9

Together, we can make a difference and hold people to account. If we don’t do it, who will?

Regards in the Lord,

John Pacheco

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5 thoughts on “Give to LifeSiteNews Instead of D&P

  1. Chalice website URL’s:

    Lifesite donation page URL:

    Lifesite is currently running postcard campaigns where donations can be made in the name of mass-murderer Henry Morgentaler, or Planned Parenthood reigning demon Cecile Richards.

    Canada- Morgentaler

    US-International – PP Cecile Richards

  2. Message to the Catholics of Canada regarding the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace and the 2009 Share Lent
    19 March 2009

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    On his recent arrival in Africa, Pope Benedict XVI reminded us that “At a time of global food shortages, financial turmoil, and disturbing patterns of climate change,” the Global South “suffers disproportionately.” This means more and more people “are falling prey to hunger, poverty, and disease,” and crying out “for reconciliation, justice and peace.”

    While the current financial crisis is certainly having a painful impact for us in Canada, it is disastrous for those living in the Global South. There are growing calls for the United Nations to address the global economic crisis, with reports on how Africa is already experiencing violence resulting from economic instability. Some experts say the world’s worst affected countries may see a decline in income of up to 50 percent.

    Over the past few days, several serious concerns have been expressed about projects involving five groups in Mexico, which the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace has assisted with financing.

    The questions that have been raised are important, and are being carefully looked into by Development and Peace. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is working closely with Development and Peace to clarify these questions and to ensure that, if necessary, rectifications are made.

    At the same time, it is important for dioceses and parishes to recognize the tremendous importance of the Share Lent collection, held in most places across Canada on the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Sharing temporal riches and giving to the needy have always been part of the threefold Lenten tradition for Christians: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

    In his 2009 Message for Lent, the Holy Father reminds us that it has been “the hallmark of the Christian community” to take up special collections, with “the faithful being invited to give to the poor what had been set aside from their fast. This practice needs to be rediscovered and encouraged again in our day, especially during the liturgical season of Lent.”

    The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is the official development agency of the Church in Canada, and respects the sacredness of human life from conception to its natural end. By contributing to Development and Peace this year on 29 March, our gifts can bear fruit for the life of the world. To serve Christ, we are invited to follow his example – to give of ourselves, that others may live.

    + V. James Weisgerber
    Archbishop of Winnipeg
    Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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