One thought on “Girl Guides of Canada supports pro-abortion groups

  1. Babies in the womb are human beings, as Dr.Bernard Nathanson has proven in his films. They used to get our protection in the Democratic Christian West instead of Capital Punishment.

    “Silent Scream”,showed the baby trying desperately to move away from the vacuum, and then showed her body parts successively being sucked off.

    In “Eclipse of Reason”, he attached a camera to a fetoscope and inserted it during a Dilation and Evacuation abortion. The child was cut up in the womb and then his body parts re-assembled to make sure the uterus has been emptied. Since crushing, slicing and dismembering is involved, D+E abortion no doubt this excites pain receptors and neural pathways. How is it even possible for a democratic former Christian society to legalize, and thus normalize such behavior to young girls?

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