Gimme that Ol’ Time Religion

Michael Voris is coming to Ottawa.  I’m bringing him here to feed the sheep who have been forced-fed garbage for decades.  Social “justice”, false ecumenical propaganda, tepid teachings on human life, and sexual confusion reign in Canada and in Ottawa.

A friend of mine informed me that his parish has declined to promote Voris’s talk.  I knew this would happen and that’s why I organized this talk off of Church property from the beginning.  

Today, homosexuality gets a free pass in Ottawa, among other questionable topics. Michael Voris? Not so much. No free lunch for him.  He’s a bit too hot to handle.  It’s his “delivery” that is part of the problem, you see.  In an age of massive dissent and heretical onslaught, we’re worried that he lets it rip once in a while!?!

Now, I can certainly understand some people not liking Voris’s style.  Fine, no one is requiring them to listen to him.  There’s a solution, here, for them, however.  They should not attend the event.  After all,  it’s not like this event is “required attendance” for a Catholic in Ottawa…unlike, for instance, the Archdioecese  of Ottawa-approved Adult “Formation” classes by Gregory Baum and + De Roo, dissenters and excommunicates, who openly criticize the Pope.   But to get upset and oppose the promotion of the talk because of style and deliveryThat’s really quite pathetic.

It’s not that what he says is false. It’s not that what he says is against the Church’s teaching. Oh no.  It’s that he’s not polite and sweet enough when he points out the soul-killing heresies and dissent that are ravaging the Catholic Church.  After all, in the age of no-fault-just-about-anything, it’s not kosher to kriticize or to get angry.  Best to be serene on the way to hell.  And certainly, we can’t judge (the last unforgivable sin) the action of anyone in power or influence in the Chuch!  Heaven’s no! That…that…that…would be a mortal sin!  In today’s society and in today’s Catholic Church, what counts is a sweet voice and slick smiles.  It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you have a happy delivery. Substance is on the back burner, if it’s considered at all.

And so now, Michael Voris is persona non grata in the hierarchy and power structures which recommend Baum and +De Roo and Gaillardetz, and lifts not a finger to correct the massive abuses and dissent, all the while having a hairy fit over being called on the carpet for their massive negligence and betrayal.

Straining the traditionalist gnat to swallow the liberal camel, they tolerate a crushing load of theological and moral dissent but will not brook any criticism whatsoever once a conservative points out the elephant in the room.  Toleration for thee but certainly, certainly not for me.

Are we that surprised, really?

There’s no point in fighting your parish priest or the bishop.  If they don’t get it now; they never will.  What we need to do is to create a Catholic underground  and “work it”  to advance our views among the Catholic population.

The modernist ideas and lame attitudes that reject what Michael Voris represents are on the way out – even though many of our priests and bishops can’t read the signs of the times to save their lives.  The fruit over the past 40 years and over the last few years here in Canada is evident for anyone who has eyes to see. Only the delusional can’t admit it or refuse to admit the uncomfortable truths.

For our part, we keep plugging on – with or without their endorsement.

Unlike the upcoming Theologian King conference at St. Paul’s University, there won’t be any message of this talk in the Friday Fax. (See second-to-last diocesan notice from the April 6 Friday Fax. Or check the backup link here, in case the original website changes.)

Basically, this talk is mostly going to be promoted on the internet and by word of mouth… by the Catholic Underground.  And if only 100 people show up, frankly, I consider that a success.  Marshmallows who are easily offended by a little bit of zip in someone’s speech are not welcome, in any case.  The shagged carpet lounge at the CCCB is available during that evening, I’m pretty sure. For those so inclined, they can have a nice tea while reading the Winnipeg Statement.

What would they have said to Our Lord when He excoriated the Pharisees?

Now, now, Jesus, that wasn’t very nice.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  You really do need to work on your delivery and moderate your tone!

2 thoughts on “Gimme that Ol’ Time Religion

  1. Again and again I repeat. Don’t just talk. Act; show. I started by walking all alone. around 4 streets, praying the rosary; no priest involved. The 7th time a lady took over, did marvelous job. A pastor let us in his church, collaborated with Maria-crowning. I make sign of cross before any meal. in restaurant, alone or with others who don’t. Always receive H.Host on tongue, not in hand ! I pray the rosary at a Maria-statue downtown, etc.. Please, always receive on tongue ! We are talking about GOD ! You honor Him, and thus invite others to do the same. Start doing.

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