Get Yourself Ready…

because it’s coming.

We all know that it can’t go on the way it has been going…or God is not who He says He is.

God is not mocked.  Remember, in one respect, God’s mercy is not everlasting.   When the days of Mercy end, Judgement comes.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we all need to be sober and awake.

Woe to the priests and the bishops who have forsaken sound teaching. Woe to us who disregard God’s pleadings with us to return to Him.

One thought on “Get Yourself Ready…

  1. Thank you again John for speaking Truth!

    Sadly the number of people doing just that are few and far between instead of increasing.

    If I hear one more soft pansy, feel-good insult of a homily I think I will scream.

    What is going on, even the Priests I thought might be speaking with greater urgency, conviction and seriousness about the state of affairs,
    are instead filling the space that is alloted for a Spirit led Homily , with some sugary ,Catholic Christianity light talk, sure not to offend anyone, and not convict them either, because ey! after all ,
    Jesus Forgives everything and God is Merciful. No talks about hell neither cause we are all going to Heaven, and remember we don’t use the bad “sin” word anymore, people are just sick/and or have come form bad homes and their is no such word as accountability, or remorse ’cause that might mean one has guilt and that is the really “bad” word.
    Trouble is, there can be nor real forgiveness and Mercy till one is
    truly sorry they have offended Father God and His Love and the fact that He had sent His Son to die for us because our SIN is that bad. and nothing else could dio it, That is how much He loved and loves us. Forget also about Our Blessed Mother Mary and her pleading and all her appearances begging her children to repent and finally her last appearances where she is crying, too, because she knows what is coming and she knows that it doesn’t matter to so many,even though masses will suffer (cause that is the way it works),cause ey! God loves us. The trouble is we don’t love |Him, and He cried out” I thirst!”, and we gave and continue to give him vinegar, and outright, defiant disobedience in return.
    We have no gratitude.

    Forgive us Lord for having offended You so gravely. Please Have Mercy.

    Frances Wilkinson

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