Get the Hell Out

Really! The nerve of Terrence Prendergast, Ottawa’s new Roman Catholic archbishop, to state that he will not give communion to any politician who stubbornly clings to a pro-abortion stand. It’s unheard of to place moral demands on the flock, in this day of a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too brand of faith, the easy kind that exacts nothing from anybody and lets everybody do just as they please, as long as they show up on Sunday (although it’s OK to sleep late, too, if that suits you better). (Calgary Herald)

The thing about religion is that if it does not cost you anything, it’s not worth anything either.

If you believe in abortion, then you have no business being Catholic and the bishop’s job is, well, to tell you that you are not Catholic. It’s a matter of being honest with yourself and with us.  You have no fellowship with us and we have none with you.  And while we mourn your belief and the state of your soul before God, we must insist that you get the hell out (of your soul) and leave God’s house until you are prepared to repent.

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