Germany, the morning-after pill, and the Catholic Church: Media and scientific manipulation

Real story here.

Aside from the media concoction and fraud in this case,  the substantive issue should be addressed.

Preventing fertilization (i.e. normally associated with contraception), in my humble opinion, should not be a problem in these cases.

Provided that there can be near-certainty in ensuring that it does not cause an abortion, the medicine could be licitly dispensed.

No action can be judged apart from the context, as Catholic teaching has traditionally held.  Humanae Vitae itself suggests that it may be licit, as well.

15. On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever. (19)

A rape, obviously, lacks consent of one of the parties so the act itself does not pretend to be something it’s not.

A couple who engages in sexual relations with consent and also uses contraception speaks a lie because they are intending something which is not true:  we may have gratification without being open to procreation.

On the other hand, there is no such dialogue in the case of a rape.  The rape victim does not seek to manipulate the sexual act, any more than the woman who takes contraceptive hormonal pills to fight some other disorder does.

Of course, I am very open to being corrected on this point. Just throwing out my “Joe Six Pack” opinion.

2 thoughts on “Germany, the morning-after pill, and the Catholic Church: Media and scientific manipulation

  1. I don’t know. Here we are getting into vague grey areas. First If God is the True and He is Creator of Life in the Womb and He begins Life and thus the egg iss fertilized because HE ALLOWED, and plans for a child to be born from this act, and we as mere humans , have no right to contracept what God DEEMS to BE. Again very dangerous territory to tread, where we think we can somehow rationalize the use of contraceptives.
    I mean, come on!!! I took an antihistamine to attempt to help some severe allergies I had once (by the way it did not). and which, to my horror and ignorance before I took this “harmless” allergy aid available off sore shelves- I later found out, can and does cause miscarriages. Does that mean it is o.k for me to take some other contraceptive for so called other illnesses. Maybe just maybe there are more natural or harmless means, even better drugs that are not so bad to help these other illnesses then the poisonous evil drugs used for contraception.

    I now also believe since we are accountable for our actions It is really up to the person taking the drugs for other purposes, to see if they are potentially harmful to
    their own bodies or potential Life occurring within them.
    The Church teaches contraception is an intrinsic evil. Is it or is it not? Satan likes to confuse. His presence very evident in
    this decision.
    What about all the children, born from thew acts of rape plus the plus their mothers who decided to go through with allowing their children their right to life, I might add who have spoken up about “their “right to the Life, and how much richer both the children born form this horrific act and the mothers who went ahead and trusted God’s Will, lives’ are richer. Do not mistake me. Rape is one of the most horrific violent acts that can befall a human being,( me I know), and nowhere does God condone evil in any way. That being said Life born from this act must be separated from the act it self. Also violence upon violence NEVER helps anything, more importantly ANYBODY. God Allowed ,and even Deemed Life ONLY He makes to Be.! We are not the ones who decide when Life begins or when it ends PERIOD.!!! What is so complicated about that.?????
    Also , as was said about this stupid,… and it is stupid , not to mention devious rationale. How is one to know”scientifically” when Life is being harmed? and when to take this pharmaceutical poison?

    This whole argument is insane. This Bishop and whomever supports him are anathema to the Real Catholic Church’s teachings on Life and contraception as far as I am concerned.

    In Jesus and Mary
    For Life

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