Swiss Cardinal: “Life realities” are not a new source of divine revelation

Great quote from Cardinal Kurt Koch:

“To see how and in which way people are living their Faith today, is of course helpful and important, in order to recognize the challenges of the pastoral duties of the Church. However, this [the “life realities”] cannot be a third reality of the revelation next to Holy Scripture and the Magisterium.” (Source)

That is the authentic pastoral approach to family challenges, summarized in a few simple words.

But the good Cardinal wasn’t done. He compared the capitulation of Kasperism to how some Christians caved to Nazism during WWII:

“Let us think of the ‘German Christians’ during the time of National Socialism, when, next to the Holy Scripture, they also raised up the Nation and the Race as sources of revelation, against which the Theological Declaration of Barmen (1934) protested. We have to differentiate very carefully here and listen with sensitivity to the signs of the times – and to the spirit that reveals itself in these signs: Which ones are signs of the Gospel, which ones are not?”

May God bless Cardinal Koch. I hope he’s going to the Synod.

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