German bishops mull allowing Church employees to live in same-sex relationships

Germany’s Catholic Church, the second-largest employer in the country, may be set to remove the requirement that its employees order their private lives according to the Church’s moral teachings, a rule that currently officially bars active homosexuals and divorced and remarried Catholics. The German bishops were scheduled to vote yesterday on a proposal to allow those in homosexual or adulterous relationships to work for the Church, but have put it off until April amid criticism. (Source)

I wonder how many bishops still hold the Faith?  Not many, it evidently appears.

One thought on “German bishops mull allowing Church employees to live in same-sex relationships

  1. Democratic Secular Paganism is not neutral,but imposes it’s Worldview/Religion on Everyone starting with BC, Canadian and Western Civilizations Kindergarteners!

    Students began their mornings here with The Lord’s Prayer led in Canada by their school teachers,until the mid 1960’s.The tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism are imposed,and children have been indoctrinated in schools in them for over fifty years .So-called “neutral” Secular Kinsey Sex Education traumatized innocent,impressionable school children have nowhere to turn. BC Liberal Education Ministers smugly suggest that parents who object to having their impressionable school children indoctrinated into accepting homosexuality etc., as normal behavior in The B.C.School Curriculum, by adult school teachers and homoasexual etc.,activists are discriminating.

    The Corren Agreement with Peter Warren and Murray Cook, two homosexuals who married and changed their name to Corren, is diabolical. The Liberals made an agreement with two homosexuals who could not have children of their own, and represent less than 2% of the population to homosexualize all the BC School Curriculum to schoolchildren,using adult teachers, and homosexual etc.,activists.

    Whoever convinces the majority in a society that their so-called “neutral” Worldview ought to control Government, Law and Education, rules the society and their children completely.Secular Pagan Tyranny, in a former Christian Country and Civilization in Government,Law and Education, is now like living in Sodom and Gomorrah,or Hell.Who will help our Innocent,impressionable Kindergarteners, traumatized in BC and Western Civilizations schools by The Liberals Sex Education and homosexual etc.,School Curriculum? Will the so-called Christian Church? It seems they have chosen Barabbas over Christ,and so-called”neutral”secular Paganism in Government,Law and Education,over Christianity.What do these deserve when they preach the so-called “neutral”Secular Pagan and Christian divide is beneficiary to Western Secular Pagan Democratic Government,Law and Education,and thus Civilization?

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