German Bishops Are Isolated, Going No Where with the Gay Agenda

“For me it is unthinkable to say that a homosexual person cannot live with the gospel,” Marx said in German. “Everyone who is in particular situations should be welcomed. Excluding someone is not part of church tradition.” The cardinal also reaffirmed that a majority of German bishops backed fellow German Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposal to seek ways to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion. “What will be the final word? I cannot predict that,” Marx said. “But I can tell you we German bishops are isolated on this position.” (Source)

Thanks for the intel.  This will come in handy preparing for the Synod next year. No wonder Kasper doesn’t have any time for the Africans.  The Germans won’t be successful this time around.  This will be no Vatican II coup.

Burke, Pell, and the boys need to circle the wagons and ensure that the Germans don’t spread their heresy to other parts of the episcopate.

They need to be blocked, marginalized, neutralized, and kicked to the curb.  Kasper’s big mouth has been just great for this.  Need to get him in front of a microphone as often as possible.  When we win at the Synod next year, we’ll present him with the golden noose award for outstanding achievement in helping the Church stay Faithful.

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