Geriatric blowback from D&P

Three D & P members have created a video, each giving their perspective (in French) regarding the crisis of Development and Peace.  It appears that D & P members are upset that their autonomy is being questioned. One member evokes the conservative anti-union big business “hidden agenda” of LifeSiteNews.

Scratch the surface and we see where the true fidelity of these people reside.  It’s not with the Church or her teachings. It’s with themselves and the “social justice” agenda.

A YouTube response from Socon or Bust  will be released next week.  I’ve been trying to get at it for some time, but now I have an excuse.

Light ’em up, boys.  It’s show time.

2 thoughts on “Geriatric blowback from D&P

  1. These people were damaged emotionally during a time when the church emphasized rules and more rules based on authority, rather than explaining why these rules are given to us by a loving God for our own good. And having a spiritual relationship with God was second place to the rules. And this is what it did to them.

    We need to pray for them that God forgives what they did to the Church as a reaction. At the same time as we pray that their influence dies away sooner rather than later.

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