Gender mainstreaming at D&P headquarters

Check this out, from Development and Peace’s “Diversity Policy”:

2. To further address the challenge of diversity, we need to address barriers. In order to understand the barriers, we need to understand racism.  Racism, like sexism, is based not on biology, but on a “social construct”, an ideology which fosters exclusion.    (In the same way, in order to understand how women have been excluded, we have to understand that societies have created the notion of gender, which is the foundation for sexism).

The last time I checked my Bible, it was God, not societies, that created humans as male and female.

Discrimination against women is a real plague in some countries, and it needs to stop. But D&P’s conception of the human person is severely screwed up.

This confirms, for the umpteenth time, that the problem at D&P is not just an honest mistake by a misguided program director, but rather a systemic corruption of the culture within the organization, which is permeated by worldly values.

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