Gays Who Get It

What my gay brethren are doing in Canada is wrong, wrong wrong. I am compelled to side with the conservative Catholic, David Warren. In free Canada, Warren could have called me sinful; I could have called him an idiot; but neither of us could have silenced the other through prosecution. Stephen Harper’s Canada is no longer a free country. The “conservative” PM has failed to challenge and dismantle the left’s apparatus for thought control. Anyone who publicly deviates from multiculturist values can be legally persecuted at the whim of some twice-baked fruitcake. (Yes, I’m mixing metaphors today.)Gays are in vengeful mood after centuries of abuse. I understand that. But they are fools to seek remedy in collectivism. Gays are few, and traditional cultures remain hostile. The only safety for deviants is a state that protects the individual. Collectivist gays aren’t the only minority exploiting the multiculturist courts. Islamists are busy establishing enclaves for Sharia. Once these have been secured, Canadian gays will be targeted for murder by Islamic extremists. Who will protect them? The ninnies in the “human rights community?” (Source)

This is an encouraging sign.  Unless the gay activist movements can suspend their vitriolic hatred for Christians and their right to free speech, they can deal with the Islamicists when they come. 

Despite their political savvy, I am always amazed that the Gay establishment can’t see what’s right in front of their noses.

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