Gaydom trying to storm the Olympics

To all of Corporate and Media Gaydom:

Please, do you mind keeping your jackboot propaganda out of our living rooms?  We have a right to enjoy the Olympics with our children without being inundated and suffocated with this garbage.  We want to enjoy the competition without you intruding into our homes with your manufactured scandal of “homophobia” and “attack on human rights”.  I have no doubt that being Gay will be prerequisite for competing in the future, but for now, allow us a little respite, if you please.

I’m not fan of Putin, but….Mr. President, Vlad, if I may, on behalf of the rest of us, we want to thank you for resisting the Gay Stormtroopers who threatened to take over the Olympics and make it a Gay Political Event with sports thrown in on the side.

And a hearty thank you to Rob Ford too, who had the balls to stand up and do what the rest of us could only dream of:  demand the removal of the Gay Propaganda Flag.  That’s why you have a good chance of getting re-elected.

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