Gay Steamroller On The Move

…Dagenais says her daughter reacted negatively during an exam in the religion  class, where her response to a question was “F— all Catholics. I am gay, and  God loves me.”

The Catholic board handled the situation, which according to Mulligan,  resulted in a three-day suspension.

“Her back was against the wall, she was defending herself,” says  Dagenais.

Seguin says Villanova is one of the more progressive schools, rolling out  not only a provincially mandated gay-straight alliance, but also a social  justice equity club. He says this situation is proof that more needs to be  done….(Source)

Yes, yes, yes!  More needs to be done.  A total Gay takeover with rainbows and condoms for everyone and free too!

This is becoming so typical.  Look for more invented “intimidation” by “Catholic” school boards as the months and years go by.  Anyone with a modicum of sensibility can see right through this charade with the media always ready to play the willing whore.

The only bullying going on here is by the Gay Jackboot over people of Faith.  That much is clear.

Like she says, “F— all Catholics”.   Poor girl.  You can just feel the love all around her. Gays never hate anyone.  Everyone knows that.  They’re just so full of luvvvvvv and acceptance and tolerance.

And there y’are, folks. That is exactly the consequence of having effeminate bishops who caved on the GSAs.  They never seem to pass up an opportunity to accomodate Sodom.


One thought on “Gay Steamroller On The Move

  1. What? “She was defending herself?” If it was during a class discussion where things got a little out of hand, in a verbal outburst, that defence would marginally work. But during an exam? As a secondary school teacher who has supervised twenty seven years worth of exams, I can attest that exams are written in near total silence. Was there some sort of tiny little pixie standing on her exam paper, harrassing her? Newsflash for mother dear: you need to teach your child proper manners, instead of excusing bad behaviour.

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