6 thoughts on “Gay Priest Party

  1. This makes me sick. I am now praying for the conversion of all dissident priests & bishops, including homosexuals, Masons and Satanists within our church. God bless Michael Voris & team for continuing to sound the alarm. We know God will not be mocked. But it gets to be so frustrating that this filth in our church is continuing, even after the sex abuse scandals of the early 2000’s.

  2. He needs to tell everyone the name of the diocese where this occured. Without that specific information how can we believe that this outrageous story is true? Or at least, without naming sources and names, the incident remains at the level of hearsay and gossip.

  3. While, I would love to know the diocese that this took place (for my own protection and warning others), I understand the reason for not posting this information).
    What a sad state of affairs our Beloved Church has fallen into.

  4. I don’t believe this for one minute. I am a priest and work in a chancery and this just does not happen! I am sorry! whoever brought this story needs to name names. what diocese? what bishop? Outrageous! Now, I do believe some unfaithful priests have boyfriends or girlfriends, but its all in the closet. Very Sad. God help us! Our Lady- pray for your priests!!!

  5. The priest who reported this has already felt the repercussions, and maybe we should be able to find out the truth for ourselves.

    But this story does sound a bit far’fetched. Maybe these were Anglican priests? They wear Collars as well and are ALLOWED to have boyfriends. The Anglican church ordains homosexual partnered clergy who can be sometimes mistaken for a Catholic priest since they look identical for the most part, maybe there was confusion on this part.

    This story may or not be true, and we have a right to find out for real. If what you stand for is real you will have no problem providing us the sources and allowing us to demonstrate, if this is what you think is best anyways. Please provide further sources, names etc. if possible at this time, and what you think we should do.

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