One thought on “Gay Press Conferences

  1. Our Lord’s worldview is called Christianity.This was also Western Civilizations view in Government,Law, Education and Church Edifices until the mid-1960’s.School teachers led students in the Lord’s Prayer.Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and Schoolhouse walls,and thus in the majorities hearts and minds.Criminality was rare.Today the religion of so-called neutral secular hedonism “normalizes” promiscuous sex and homosexuality to malleable school children starting with Kindergarteners,as sex and health education,using textbooks,adult schoolteachers who ought to know better,Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists to recruit your children into morbid behavior,as so-called human rights.Homosexuals are less than 2% of the public so far, who cannot naturally have children of their own,but they have politically united to have their behavior legalized so they can recruit schoolchildren,as so-called “neutral” secular humanist rights.People,why are you politically allowing this to be legalized?Don’t you realize that what is legal is considered moral?Are there less than 2% of decent people left in Canada to politically allow this evil to continue.The PC hedonist popular media is much more than only homosexual. The majority of Church edifices are no longer Christian,but politically secular hedonist.Secular Humanism is atheist and not neutral ,but Christless,and has no answer to life’s problems.Now schoolchildren traumatized by sexular sexology by adult school teachers and special interest activists have on one to turn to.The Laws of a democracy reflect the values of the majority.Canada is a politically sick nation.

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