Men: your aversion of the anus is normal

Try this experiment.  On a Saturday evening, head over to your local sports bar while the hockey game is playing. Walk up to some random 20-something man at the bar and politely ask him if he’s gay in front of his girlfriend.

Warning #1: take a couple of steps back because his reply may consist of phalanges and metacarpals thrusting towards your head. Although it is no longer socially acceptable, men still are very defensive of their manhood.

If you successfully dodge the punch, ask the fellow what he thinks about putting his privates in another man’s anus. Warning #2: his response might include some expletives, but will essentially be a paraphrase of “that’s gross.”

Why am I bringing this up? Well, by now you’ve heard the controversy about what Phil Robertson said regarding homosexual behaviour. Although the gay lobby is trying to portray him as an extreme bigot, the truth is that the vast majority of the 3.5 billion men on this planet agree with the substance of what he said. The quote that initially got Robertson in trouble can be boiled down to two points:

  1. he prefers a vagina over an anus
  2. he’s dumbfounded as to why a man would prefer the opposite (sin is “illogical”, as he framed it).

On these two points, you will find an overwhelming consensus across the brotherhood of men (including the fellow at the bar who took a swipe at you), a virtual unanimity that you could scarcely achieve on any other topic. The consensus spans across religions, cultures, nations, languages, and races. It could not possibly be the result of a social construct. No, it’s deeply rooted in the nature of man, in his fundamental identity, his purpose in life, his biological reality, and his emotional and spiritual  roots.

In fact, it’s so deeply rooted that many gay men find “gay sex” gross, but they put up with it to get the orgasm. Just search gay forums and you’ll see for yourself (viewer discretion is advised).

This instinctive repulsion is a very basic illustration of the natural law, which all men can know intuitively if they just use their head. 

The gay lobby and A&E think otherwise and are attempting to stamp the natural law out of men. They would have men believe that their universal intuition on this matter should be banned, like Phil Robertson. In their view, a man can no longer prefer women and have an aversion for an anus without being a bigot.

I hope that all men out there realize just how extreme the gay lobby and A&E have become, and that men realize that they’re being personally attacked by this.

Men: there’s nothing wrong with your aversion for the anus. Don’t be intimidated by the gay lobby.

To men with homosexual attractions: don’t suppress your disgust for homosexual sex. That disgust is your true identity trying to get your attention. Don’t be afraid to become who you are meant to be.

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