One thought on “Gay Jackboots Pounding On Both Sides of the Atlantic

  1. This is not about discrimination but common sense and scientific facts.

    According to the Health Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty-five percent of AIDS in Canada is in MALES WHO HAVE SEX WITH MALES!
    Not healthy is it?

    ” Gay bowel syndrome, ” describes a very well documented collection of bowel diseases that lead to a mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. However unknown to the Public because of a near total pro-homosexual, university, court, government and media blackout, they include amebiasis, giardiasis, salmonellosis, shigellosis, hepatitis a and b, tuberculosis, sypilis. These are “ENDemic” to the homosexual population.
    Not healthy or normal is it?

    Why are our universities, textbooks, teachers, courts, news media, The UN,and governments imposing this lifestyle on everyone as healthy and a normal alternative, even in spite of the overwhelming scientific proof of the health risks of this lifestyle? Has anyone read ” ANIMAL FARM,” or ” NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR”. This is happening right here right now through our universities, public schools, media and law courts brainwashing most everyone. Why are our universities, teachers,courts, news media, governments and so-called Christians choosing to be silent and selectively stupid about this? They have morally decayed Western Civilization. Are we going to go along with this? In a democracy the people get the government and laws they want.

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