One thought on “Gay Jackboot Kicks Catholic Prof Out of A Job

  1. According to the Public Health Agency Of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty-five percent of AIDS in Canada is in males who have sex with males ! Do you think it is being responsible that this lifestyle should be imposed on the public, and taught in schools to children as healthy and this imposition forced by Law and Government decree?

    ” Gay bowel syndrome ,” describes a collection of bowel diseases that lead to a mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. However unknown to the Public because of a near total pro-homosexual academic and media blackout, they include amebiasis, giardiasis, salmonellosis, shigellosis, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, sypilis etc. These are endemic to the homosexual population. Do you think sodomy should be promoted in schools and protected by Canadian Law as a healthy lifestyle? Do you think the United Nations should be promoting sodomy to all the countries of this world?

    Two homosexual scientists Simon Le Vay and Dean Hammer claim to have found a homosexual gene, but no one anywhere can replicate their experiment so it can be validated. In other words all their hype is B.S. meaning Bad Science. This B.S. is put on front pages of newspapers, magazines and broadcast everywhere, and the public believes this science fiction. Heterosexuals reproduce but homosexuals can only recruit in schools by court enforcement and government decree. Have Canadians gone stark raving mad to let this go on? What about the pew potatoes? God Bless professor Tom Landers for teaching me the truth.

    Why is the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual marriage promoted in our public schools as healthy and normal by our government and our courts when it’s not healthy? In my dictionary sodomy is defined as , unnatural sexual intercourse. By promoting this have our courts, our voting public and our Parliament and the United Nations gone stark raving mad?

    Politically Correct Relativism in our schools is infecting the entire culture.
    The United States has the highest amount of AIDS of any country in the world. All 54 countries in Africa combined have just a little more.
    Professor Kenneth Howell of the University of Illinois Department of Religion was fired after explaining to a class on Catholicism that the Catholic Church believes that homosexual acts are immoral. The Darwinian Secular Humanists fire people who present the facts. Common sense and scientific facts mean nothing to them. This is because too many so-called Christians and concerned traditionalists have been sitting out the culture war that is raging for the soul of Western Civilization.

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