Gay Group Urges Loosening Of School Internet Filters

It was never about “marriage equality”.  It was always, always, always about going after your kids and corrupting them.

Clueless lemmings didn’t have an answer when the media asked them, “How does gay marriage affect you“?

Duh.  Now they know.

Sex has never been a private affair.  That’s why there were laws on the book, Buckwheat!   — because our fathers before us knew what the hell would be unleashed, but we forsook their counsel and here we are…gay porn for kids.

One thought on “Gay Group Urges Loosening Of School Internet Filters

  1. Why don’t Catholics, Protestants and Seculars have an answer? Christianity is supposed to believe in a Triune God who is Omniscient . Here I am talking about the majority who masquerade as Christians. They seem to be so Hell minded that they are of no Earthly good. We live in a democracy where POLITICIANS pass BILLS into LAW. Everyone has to live by these laws, imposed as human rights. Be careful what you allow to be legalized, as it gets imposed on Kindergarteners, by homosexual teachers, lawyers, judges,and their friends etc., as legalized human rights! Clubs are formed in schools to recruit children into believing morbid behavior is normal,as legalized human rights, because of the POLITICAL APATHY AND INDIFFERENCE of the majority.

    Who is to blame for this? If Christ comes today into this democracy;how will you fare? What devilish excuses will you come up with? I hear them everyday after Mass. When will you help us Politically to win this Culture War, that is perverting your children even in schools? How long will you pretend to be blind to what is going on in broad daylight, in your Democratic Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Nehemiah became the righteous politician to build Jerusalem’s walls. Governor Nehemiah build the walls of the city of MELCHIZEDEK! Will you help us politically to do the same in Canada, and our brothers and sisters throughout God’s earth?

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