Gay Attack on Public Health Official

He’s a pioneer in the realm of clinical infectious diseases in the Caribbean. And now he’s under fire for testifying that homosexual intercourse is dangerous to those who practice it—and to public health in general. Professor Brendan Bain, a practicing Christian who serves to treat AIDS patients, was the director of the regional coordinating unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, until his anti-gay sex comments caught up with him.  Bain was fired in the wake of fallout related to his testimony on behalf of a group of churches working to keep Belize’s sodomy law in place in 2012. It took two years, but now he’s paying the price for his beliefs. (Source)

When science contradicts Gay politics, we know who wins don’t we?  Actually, we do…eventually science and nature wins.  But in the short term, the unemployment line gets a little longer and society suffers as the Gaystapo ensure that their political ideology is upheld at the expense of the common good and the contributions of honest citizens.

One thought on “Gay Attack on Public Health Official

  1. So sad.

    A man fired for trying to keep Belize’s sodomy laws in place.

    But, how does a sodomy law promote public health by protecting heterosexual or gay men and heterosexual women?

    Such a law makes it impossible for gay men to be “out” and also makes it a crime for people to counsel gay or heterosexual men on how to practice safe sex with their partners.

    This man rightly deserved to be censored. He condones the KILLING of men by promoting ignorance.

    But, then again, that’s the Christian way, isn’t it? Moral purity regardless of the consequences and of how much harm and suffering it causes.

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