Gay activists threaten Christians, force them into hiding

Another classic from the “how does same-sex ‘marriage’ affect me” files.

Back when we were fighting against the changing of the definition of marriage, we warned that this would happen. Everybody scoffed.

Told you so.

It was never about equality and tolerance. The masks have come off and everyone can now plainly see that the true end game is to destroy anyone who doesn’t assert that same-sex ‘marriage’ is a good thing. Dissent is not tolerated. Welcome to the new witch hunt.

All in the name of “tolerance”. And the media shows their true colours by showing the Christians as the bad guys, even as the gay activists send them death threats and firebombing threats.

The good news for Christians is that all this works for our good. This Easter weekend should serve as a reminder that the persecutions we endure will increase our glory in Heaven and our virtue on earth if we endure them with patience and embrace the Cross. Our enemies think they’re defeating us, but we’re just growing stronger.

Remember that scene from the very first Star Wars movie when Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi have a light sabre duel? Obi-Wan (dressed like a Capuchin, I might add) says: “You can’t win Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

That’s the basic idea for us too. United with the Cross, our sufferings patiently embraced generate more spiritual horsepower than any lawsuit, blog post or media campaign. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t defend ourselves, but don’t be disconcerted “as those who have no hope”, because even if you fail in this life, your intercession from the next will be overwhelming.

Yes, it can scary. But remember Who you are trusting:

Christ yesterday and today,
the Beginning and the End,
the Alpha and the Omega.
All time belongs to him and all the ages.
To him be glory and power through every age and for ever. Amen.

By his holy and glorious wounds,
may Christ the Lord guard us and protect us. Amen.

May the light of Christ, rising in glory,
dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

(Opening of the Easter Vigil)

Nothing is outside His sphere of influence. He always has the last word.

8 thoughts on “Gay activists threaten Christians, force them into hiding

  1. First homosexual marriage is allowed to be legalized by, apathetic indifferent politicians, and their democratic Politically Correct,but equally politically inept voting backers.The Political Parties most of these people belong to can justify almost anything to their foolish followers,or they would easily change these policies at Members Party Policy Meetings.Secondly, The Human Rights Act considers this now legalized morbid activity a human right to be imposed on impressionable innocent schoolchildren by, adult teachers, and homosexual ets.,activists. Thirdly, Clubs are formed in schools to recruit children by adult teachers,and their homosexual activist friends. Now The Supreme Court Justices, also being part of this indoctrinated Politically Correct apathetic society, cause further abuse to innocent children by helping their homosexual activist friends to continue their recruiting, by arguing that both nature and nurture be used in re-educating young children to accept homosexual behavior as normal. Homosexuals are less than 2% of the population who cannot naturally have children of their own,so they have successfully politically organize to change the law.My fellow Canadian Catholic voting citizens,don’t you think before you vote for Politicians, or become members of Political Parties that corrupt our society, by indoctrinating young children into believing unhealthy activity is natural? We live in Democracies where as voting citizens we can politically organize to control politics. Canada and Western Civilization turned their back on Christ starting with a new State sanctioned Worldview of so-called “neutral”Secularism with it’s Politically Correct ideology. In a democracy what is legal is moral. Real Bishops and Priesthood are always politically organizing to make sure only righteous Bills are Passed into Law by our elected politicians.

  2. Even the beloved Catholic Church has been infiltrated, and I’m not sure if I should continue following the Church if it continues on the road its currently on. Instead, I’m setting my sights on Christ, and among the few in the clergy whom I can still trust — Cardinal Burke. It sure is getting darker around here, isn’t it?

    As an aside, I’ve seen articles in liberal publications where they are now taking a new tact: That is they will now attempt to make it easier for us to shed our beliefs. After all, they say, if the pope can do it…

    I for one will never embrace a lie as “the truth”, no matter how many times that lie is repeated. If 3 billion people start saying the sun now sets in the east, I will not believe them, because I know better. Even our highest court has written in one of their judgements that the truth is not a valid defence.

    These truly are Orwellian times, and we must prepare, because I fear it will only get worse, but I do believe this is the end-game fulfilling prophesy. I believe that it is all part of the master plan at work, much like Churchill, the Enigma code, and the town of Coventry during WWII. look it up.

    We are the proverbial “town of Coventry”. This is how we are being called to serve. But we have it easy compared to our brethren suffering at the hands of ISIS. May God be merciful to those poor souls and grant them everlasting peace and joy for all of eternity for their sacrifice.

    • You’re right, it’s getting very dark.

      In these confusing times, you are doing well to follow a trustworthy man like Cardinal Burke. Let the Catechism be in your right hand at all times, as a compass. Don’t bail out on the Church because She alone is guaranteed the infallible guidance of the Holy Spirit. We’ll get through this.

      • Thank you, Steven for your encouraging words. However, with the events leading up to today, I now see the Church as two distinct entities. (yes, I realize that the implication is that the schism has already taken place.)

        So now, we have the “administrative” Church, led by, and run by man, then there’s the Spiritual Church, the true church inspired by God and Jesus Christ. That is the church which I believe is infallible. I will follow the latter, but I will ignore the former, if I must.

        • I know exactly how you feel. The key to keep in mind is that there can be no Catholic Church without the Pope. In other words, if one wants to stay in the authentic Church, one has to remain united with the Vicar of Christ.

          There have been shady popes in the past. The proper course of action in those days was to correct his errors, not leave the Church. The same approach would continue to apply.

          • Alright, that’s good advice worthy of consideration, but I’m wondering where the line is, if there is one.

            Suppose, hypothetically, that a future pope suddenly endorses Same-Sex “Blessings” (not an unlikely scenario given what we have already seen), and is not confronted by anyone in the Church hierarchy. I would have a difficult time trying to follow such leadership, and “correction” would seem to be highly unlikely in such a scenario.

            How can a dogmatic “orthodox” Catholic such as myself, continue to follow leadership that I would be firmly convinced are leading you away from Christ’s truth?

            I’m not ready to leave the Church yet, but I fear that current events may lead me one day to have no other alternative. If it ever does come down to a point where I am forced to choose to either follow Christ, or follow the Church, that choice will be an easy, albeit painful one to make.

          • In the hypothetical case you provide, our proper response would be to obey such a Pope whenever he’s teaching the Truth (which would likely be the majority of the time), while opposing any specific teaching or practice which is contrary to Church teaching. This opposition would primarily be exercised at the parish and diocesan levels, where we have the greatest influence, to ensure that our local community doesn’t fall for a lie.

            I don’t see a need to abandon the Church itself.

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