4 thoughts on “Gay Activist Disrupts Mass

  1. If the Church had spoken out clearly in the 60’s on the sin of sexual activity outside of marriage, we wouldn’t be having this problem today. But since our priests did not speak plainly about the sin of sex outside of marriage, how can they now speak about the sin of homosexual activity?

  2. Please, Please, the activist is uncomforatble because he cannot tolerate the truth. He thinks of sexuality as an ideology based on the notion that his own sexual identity is somehow separate from his body! This gender confusion may indeed not be his fault which he admits and deep down seems to know something is wrong. Yet it is still a choice to act upon or not. So why is he angry at the church for standing firmly on the procreative purpose and dignity of sexualiy? Perhaps jealousy, envy, and a sense that he cannot connect to the language of his own male body which is made for a female. His body makes no sense at all, sexually, without the opposite sex. This is simply true and he know it. So he is caught in a conflict which he wants the church to accept a moral disorder which it cannot do. So why the disrespect to the church? Why attack those who have different views? He needs to feel comfortable. In trashing the church he provides for himself a pause in an otherwise tormented conscience. He should come clean and follow church teaching and find true peace.

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