3 thoughts on “Gambian President: We would ‘rather eat grass’ than accept homosexual behavior

  1. God Bless them!!!

    They show by example REAL obedience to what
    pleases God and what His Word says.

    They walk the walk.

    They do not put mere men before God, nor will they let the Enemy who has shown his face through certain politicians, back them into a corner with his hateful threats, or persistence in pushing his evil agenda of sexual perversion and death-dealing ,plans to destroy all that is family and good.

  2. Only the citizens of a democratic Sodom would allow perversion to be normalized in schools from Kindergarten, and then push it globally. What has Western Civilization become by taking The Ten Commandments, and The Christian ethic out of Government, Law, Education and thus society, by decree and enforcement? We see what The Rule of Secular Pagan Law has turned Canada and The West into. We live in a secular pagan civilization now with the corruption that comes with it. In a democracy the righteous if their are enough left, can organize politically and change things if they desire. If we as voting citizens don’t stand for what is right then who will? It is not enough to sit on a bench and listen to a Sophist. In a democracy the citizens choose their destiny. I hope all counties don’t get coerced into becoming part of Global Sodom.

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