Gaillardetz & The CCCB

I wanted to engage with some of the thought surrounding Dr. Gaillardetz’ invitation to address the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops at the annual Plenary Assemby. I have decided to use as my framework a letter written by a Torontonian by the name of Tom Richardson. It was published in the Western Catholic Reporter and can be read by clicking here (it’s the third letter down).

Gaillardetz’ invitation is also getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere.  For example, you could read Allen Troupe’s “Has the CCCB Left the Catholic Church,” or Steve’s “Canadian Bishops Ask Heretic To Give Them Inspiration.” There is also John Pacheco’s page at SOCON OR BUST, entitled “The Gaillardetz Visit: Inviting Dissent.” I can’t possibly, initially, engage with all they are saying, and like I said, I am using Richardson’s letter as a framework:

Letter writer Tom Richardson mistakenly presents Dr. Gaillardetz as a “hard-core liberal dissenter.” The Vatican’s Instruction on the vocation of the theologians, notes that theologians “must take into account the proper character of every exercise of the Magisterium, considering the extent to which its authority is engaged.” Gaillardetz, chosen to present to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, never rejects the teaching of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, but as an ecclesiologist he fulfills his function by attempting to determine the document’s weight. The Instruction speaks of duty, but Richardson sees malice: “No one raises the issue of infallibility regarding women’s ordination unless they intend on overthrowing it.” Wrong….

Read the rest here, including commentary by Dr. Gaillardetz and yours truly….

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