Gaillardetz Comes and Goes, Dissent Not Challenged

So Rick Gaillardetz flew in to address the CCCB’s plenary assembly on Monday.  He arrived on a cloud of controversy over his dissenting views on a whole host of issues, including the infallible status of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, John Paul II’s apostolic letter on the inadmissibility of women priests.

(CCCB – Ottawa)…”Following reports on the activities of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family, the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council, and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, the Plenary Assembly heard a presentation by American theologian Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz, Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo in Ohio, on the impact of the Second Vatican Council on the priesthood today. The Bishops, observers and guests then broke into smaller workshop groups to discuss the main points in the presentation.”

Socon or Bust readers may recall how I reported in an earlier entry that Dr. Gaillardetz blasted and disparaged the Holy Father over his lifting of the excommunication of the SSPX bishops: 

“As a Catholic, there is nothing that prevents me from saying this was an abysmal decision,” said Richard Gaillardetz, a professor of Catholic studies at the University of Toledo in Ohio. “John Paul II was the master of the symbolic gesture in many ways. He had a keen sense of the symbolic gesture that would send a larger message. Benedict doesn’t have that or think that way. In Benedict’s own mind, he is addressing certain issues that have a theological and doctrinal logic to them. And he doesn’t think about or consider … the larger consequences of his actions.” (Source)

I think, in light of the recent moves of the Holy Father to:

1) allow Anglicans a place in the Roman Catholic Church (the Traditional Anglican Communion alone numbers 700,000 people, never mind the conservatives in the current Church of England who will “swim the Tiber”);

2) negotiate with the SSPX in bringing them into full Communion with the Church;

3) travel to Cyprus to kick-start the process for real movement with the Orthodox world for full communion with the See of Peter.

…just how does Rick have the audacity to claim that Pope Benedict XVI does not “think about or consider the larger consequences of his actions“?

It seems to me that the Holy Father is far more astute, shrewd and “a real mover and shaker” than Rick gives him credit for.

Perhaps instead of making wild and absurd insults towards the Holy Father, Rick should think about or consider the larger consequences of HIS OWN actions, statements, and theological positions.  

One thought on “Gaillardetz Comes and Goes, Dissent Not Challenged

  1. Hello,

    I agree that the way he seems to describe the Pope’s decision-making process was imprudent, and perhaps the benefit that Gaillardetz expects to be extended towards himself, in this case could have been extened outward. The decision Gaillardetz is criticicizing can be criticized, but there is a particular way these things are done, and at this moment, I am not to impressed with how he carried himself

    In any event, I don’t find the bulk of the conversation regarding Gaillardetz that meaninful, nor am I impressed with the thoughtless rhetoric that is being used in describing. I discuss some of my thoughts on this matter in the context of a letter written to the Western Catholic Reporter by a certain Tom Richardson who describes Gaillardetz as a “hard-core liberal dissenter.”

    My thoughts are expressed here:

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