5 thoughts on “Fully Alive: The Trojan Horse That Wrecked Catholic Education

  1. Fr Foy is a hero.

    Quoting Church documents, he mentions that intimate aspects should be taught in an individual setting, not in groups. Do you think that this would exclude the teaching of the theology of the body from highschool classrooms? Or perhaps he was criticizing sex ed in elementary schools, as is the current practice?

  2. Wish Msgr Foy could hear of the innocence ( my opinion) of Fr Michael Hurtubise 1930-1991. He was the priest who died standing up and remained that way for days from Sunday until Wednesday with no smell to his innocent body. Fr Michael founding pastor of Divine Infant Parish in Orleans was fully dead but he was found fully dead and then left to rot But he did not rot. Innocence is hard to hide because it does not stink. Just sayin’

  3. Msgr. Foy has been a diligent protector of the faith in spite of the opposition.
    40 0f the 108 Canadians caught with child porn recently are teachers. It’s also a fact that if a child is going to be molested during the day, it will mostly be by a teacher.
    Sex education in elementary schools is just inviting problems.

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