Frustrations of a Catholic

I’ve not been a Catholic long. Even including the three years I spent familiarizing myself with all things Catholic before I swam the Tiber, I’m an infant. There’s wisdom in recognizing the fundamental incompetence of a new Catholic to do justice to Catholic topics of great complexity — no matter his familiarity with them, no matter his intellect or confidence in discussing them. Developing interiorly is paramount….(Source)

The Synod disaster is doing wonders for the new evangelization.  As a once-upon-a-time apologist, I wonder what kind of pretzels are being served by the paid professionals to try and convince decent people who want to enter the Church or have just entered Her that this document isn’t what the Church teaches?  If it’s not, then heads need to roll about the communication strategy.

The whole media apparatus at the Vatican is a complete disgrace, as is how this Synod was organized.  Then again, Kasper leaked his presentation to the Cardinals back in February so the genie was out of the bag anyway.

One thought on “Frustrations of a Catholic

  1. Wow, that’s a tragic story.
    This paragraph is so powerful and true:

    “And worst of all, none of the dogmatists seem to be aware of these mechanics. Continually insisting “Rome hasn’t changed dogma” almost seems the silly, stupid talk of fools, of saps to be taken advantage of. Sure, have your precious dogma; have your pie in the sky ideology; the real change-agents have wrought revolution without changing it.”


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