Frothing-At-The-Mouth-Anti-Catholic-Bigotry Wants To Take Down Pope At Any Cost

The latest instalment of anti-Catholic bigotry comes courtesy of Janet Bagnall of the Montreal Gazette.

Here is my response to her:

Dear Ms. Bagnall:

We commend you for helping us clear out the heteromosexualist filth in the church and its enablers in the Episcopacy and the Vatican.   We have been trying to clear out the sexual garbage for decades, but unfortunately, until now, we have met with little success.  So we thank you sincerely for exposing our infidelity to the Gospel of Life.  It will mean that the reformers’ job becomes much easier to push for changes within the Church, although, admittedly, they are not going to be the reforms you would likely approve of. 

There is, however, one small point of correction I would like to offer you:  it does you no good to “convict” Benedict for “covering up” child abuse as you have attempted to do with the Associated Press story. The Associated Press Story was full of errors and distortions (as was the New York Times’ article some time before).  In the future, therefore, you need to get your facts straight and stop smearing and libelling the one man who has been largely responsible for cleaning out the stables at the Vatican. 

No faithful Catholic, of course, believes that the current exhibition of  media savagery against the Pope has anything really to do with concern for “the children” or the truth, for that matter.  This is simply about falsely accusing an innocent man who is largely responsible for the Catholic Church’s reform in this area, and using these lies and slanders to undermine the Pope and the Church’s teaching on moral issues like abortion and homosexuality. 

That’s what this is about and everyone knows it.


John Pacheco

Socon or Bust

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