Front Row Seats Worth More than Playoff Hockey Tickets

In light of the recent obscene decision by Lori Andreachuk, the Kangaroo Kourt Judge from Alberta, who shamelessly sentenced Rev. Stephen Boissoin for his Christian views on gay sex, it’s my hope that she’s assigned to the case against The Western Standard and Ezra Levant.

This might be the most spectacular display of Canadian love for liberty and freedom ever seen. We all know, of course, that we shall not see such a display in Parliament where it’s supposed to happen.

It is my hope that this mattter is not dismissed. It is my hope that this complaint is accepted, that it goes to a hearing, and I happen to appear before the most fascist of the panelists – some thug down in Lethbridge named Lori Andreachuk. I hope that I appear in front of her. I hope she is having a particularly angry day. I hope she hears every word of this, and I called her a ‘thug’, and I hope that she “convicts” me and “sentences” me to this apology that this fascist from Saudi Arabia demands of me because then I will take this junk out of the human rights commission and into real courts where 800 years of common law and the charter of rights and the bill of rights will come to my aid. (2:38-3:26):

3 thoughts on “Front Row Seats Worth More than Playoff Hockey Tickets

  1. I believe her term ends in August ’08, so the chances of Ezra claiming the “Win A Date With Lori Andreachuk ” prize, don’t seem very likely.

  2. They all have been “educated” in the evolving society and living tree interpretation of Canadian Law in law school , so chances are good that they may all have the same worldview. If they don’t that would be a surprise.

  3. I’m afraid Gerry Sahl has it right. These politically correct fascists are far from “individualized”. Their robotic newspeak and newperspective stands as testimony that “originality” and “individuality” are not characteristics of the politically correct fascist set.

    That having been said, this Andreachuk person is tough on the eyes, and Ezra is hetero, is he not? I mean, if one is going to be convicted anyway, why not opt for a visually more appealing politically correct fascist robot than is Andreachuk? From the picture, Andreachuk looks like she’s been stuffing lotsa twinkies in that cakehole of hers. Supersized bovine politically correct robots are the WORST, doncha think?

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