From the “How Does Gay Marriage Affect You” files

I guess it doesn’t.  Just like it doesn’t with incest.

And, of course, pedophilia is going mainstream.  I have a really silly question.  If pedophilia is OK with the society, then why are liberals giving the Catholic Church such a hard time over its priests?

So, I’m going down my rolodex file here and checking out what’s next in the Brave New World.  Animals, vegetables, cars? I’m just trying to figure out just how low a society can go?

Of course, “consent” will be the next to go. Everyone, without a choice, will be required to comply with the new “sexual health” regime…because, you know, it will be for your own good.

That’s when, I think, blood will spill.

There is, after all, still things to die for.

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