From a good priest that I know…

Our modern “liberal democratic” governments no longer respect due process or equality before the law, now punish impolitic ideas, and use secret tribunals reminiscent of communist countries to force people to abide by norms established by special interest groups; using the power of the state to attack any dissent or dissemination of contrary opinions.  Under the guise of fair play we have handed the legal and political system of our country, and with it the schools and much more, over to the ideologues.  The fringe elements of society have become mainstream, the mainstream (i.e. marriage, family, Christianity, traditional morality) is being marginalized.  And groups with entitlement claims infiltrate our institutions and feed off our prosperity.  McCarthyism was much more restrained.  People do not seem to recognize the erosion of their freedoms.  Yet at work and in public they find themselves muzzled in voicing their opinions and stand by helplessly as they watch members of privileged groups being given unmerited promotions and an unrestrained public voice.  Goodbye democratic liberalism, welcome ideological statism.  Most people are content with their bread and circuses while evil reigns.

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