Friends don’t let friends go to Osgoode

The issue is the right of our community to participate in Canada’s national discourse on issues that relate directly to us, and not to be excluded. It is emphatically not about censorship, which is why we have not named the author, Mark Steyn, as a party to our complaints. Maclean’s is free to continue publishing the views of Mr. Steyn and its other in-house “experts” on Islam and Muslims. However, on some occasions it has to provide our community an adequate opportunity to respond.Surely democracy is strengthened when we engage the views of all stakeholders to discuss common issues we face as a society. Only then can we arrive at more informed policy decisions and continue to build a harmonious society that is the envy of the world. It is when various groups in society stop communicating that we risk revisiting some of our most shameful mistakes.  (Source)

If this is the quality of studentry Osgoode is graduating these days, then “mama, don’t let your kids grow up to be Osgoode lawyers“.  I think my nine-year old can blow a whole in this one far and wide.

First of all, the students fail to appreciate that no one owes them a duty to publish their opinion. It’s called freedom of association. In other words, Maclean’s is free to associate with whom they want and publish what they want.

Should conservatives complain to the HRCs because the Toronto Star is such a ludicrous left wing rag, offends our right wing sensibilities, and does not publish conservative perspectives?  How far would that complaint go with Leftists? It would be laughed out of loony town as soon as it was suggested.

The fact is that the Osgoode students – a walking embarrassment to the school – are being afforded plenty of media coverage. Wasn’t this story carried in the Globe & Mail too?  Last time I checked the Globe had a larger reach than Maclean’s.

But, hey, if that’s the new standard in this country – that hurt feelings and “balance” –  are required for every single media publication, then you might as well kiss off freedom of association.  But since the Toronto Star will be forced to carry Mark Steyn’s columns now, it can’t all be that bad.  A shot of reality into left thinking morons is always a positive development.

And why stop there? Let’s force the local mosque to erect a crucifix.  After all, we can’t discriminate against Christians.

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