Friendly suggestion to the Vatican

Send a message to the Church and use this diocese as the blueprint.

1) Scour the English speaking world and pick the most conservative, traditionalist, and reactionary priest you can find.  In fact, for this particular diocese, choose a man that will only allow his priests to say the Latin mass.

2) Consecrate the man bishop.

3) Make sure he’s got the gonads to put down the rainbox cliques and the feminist freaks who dominate the bureacracy.

4) Appoint him to Rochester.

5) Let the sht hit the fan and don’t worry about any backlash. Let the backlash come and thank the good Lord that the demons are screeching and fleeing from the Church.

4 thoughts on “Friendly suggestion to the Vatican

  1. What a disappointment that article was! I thought the priest highlighted in it was going to be super-conservative 🙁

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