Fresh signs of hope at D&P

Amid the ongoing revelations of dissenting partners still being funded by Development and Peace, there are some signs of hope too.

The recent resignation of a “theologian” at D&P, Michel Beaudin, provides valuable insight into their internal struggles. Beaudin wrote an interminable resignation letter that reads mainly like a rant, but which also reveals some useful insider information. Key takeaways:

  • Good riddance to Beaudin who really doesn’t understand Church teaching and refuses to assent to it. He notably denigrates Pope Benedict’s Caritas  in veritate and resents the fact that self-avowed pro-choice Fr. Arriaga (remember him?) got booted out of Ottawa by Archbishop Prendergast.
  • The Canadian bishops are quietly but persistently trying too wrestle D&P from the clutches of the Spirit of Vatican II generation that they begot.
  • Dissenters are being isolated and muscled out of the organization. Apparently 22 employees have left since May 2012, which is a big chunk of their overall staff. Beaudin likens it to a “coup”. Resistance appears futile.
  • Fr. Thomas Rosica was tasked with writing the new rules of engagement with partners, called “Partnership Policy Framework”. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Sadly, the situation is far from resolved and the internal fight continues. So the boycott on donations must continue, especially since dissenting partners are still on the payroll.

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