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The Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, has posted a private security guard at the bishop’s residence to ward off vandalism, after someone posted a sign reading “Pedophile lives here” on the front of the house. The sign was a reference to Bishop Raymond Lahey, who resigned after being charged with violating child-pornography laws.

In related developments, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Halifax admitted that it was “no secret” that Bishop Lahey had made trips to southeast Asia. One Canadian columnist, Rick Howe, had speculated that the bishop’s trips to that region– notorious for sexual tourism involving children– had triggered the interest of airport security guards, prompting them to search the bishop’s laptop computer and discover pornographic images. “For all I know, Lahey might have had legitimate church business on his travels, but where he went red-flagged him for a check and that was his undoing,” Howe said.

Meanwhile law-enforcement officials in Nova Scotia said that they were conducting their own investigation into the bishop’s involvement with child pornography, as well as assisting police in Ottawa, where he was arrested. (Source)

I never had much contact with Bishop Lahey, but I remember a number of years ago hearing about him during a pro-life dinner.  A young gentleman who resided in Antigonish happened to be seated next to me and mentioned, in passing, that Bishop Lahey was away from the Diocese too much. I remembered that for some reason. Not sure why, but it just stuck with me.

Makes sense now.

If your bishop is spending an inordinate amount of time away from your Diocese, ask him why.  One of the problems of the Episcopacy today is that many Bishops think they are some kind of corporate managers instead of Fathers.  And frequently, as in the case of Bishop Lahey, they seem to be progressive in “liturgical reform”, playing fast and loose with the liturgical rubrics.

Father belongs at home. Not on the road, unless absolutely necessary.

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