Freedom, Economics and the necessity of the human family



For many years now, social conservatives have born the mild to heavy contempt of the other players on the right wing (i.e. fiscal conservatives and libertarians) for being so “single issue”.  Remember that bone-headed phrase?  It suggested that human life and the preservation of the human family were somehow only confined to the moral realm and did not impact other stratas of public policy.  This lie was bought by western culture hook, line, and sinker.  Its thesis essentially proposed that the human family was essentially an arbitrary concept and there was no ontological truth undergirding it; that we could effectively manipulate it, ignore it, or even abuse it and there would be no adverse consequences to the greater culture as a whole.  This lie led to the separation of procreation from sex (contraception), the wanton destruction of innocent human life (abortion), and state-sponsored sodomy (same-sex “marriage”). It is also going to lead to national suicide (euthanasia).

And even now, there are still a goodly number of people with their collective heads up their arses refusing to admit that healthy, large families are not only essential to our long term prosperity but also to our freedoms as well. 

Let me explain.

As a population ages, there are increasing number of burdens placed on the State: more health care costs, more pension costs,  lower labour pools, and therefore higher taxes and slower economic growth.  That is why the population demographic must remain with a wide base of younger people to support the older population.  Not exactly rocket science here folks: there has to be more sacrifice being pumped into the system than being taken out…or else. This is not merely an opinion on my part. This is cold, hard, basic economics.  

When Canada decided to asphyxiate itself on the condom and murder its unborn children, it took along millions of young people which would have provided the necessary economic and values base to sustain our country.

But for the past few decades, the bureaucrats did what all bureacrats do: they refused to deal with the real problem (a disordered view of sex and the family) and outsourced the solution by implementing massive immigration programs. 

But these immigration programs have been very problematic.

First of all, Canada has not been the only country competing for immigrants. All other western countries have been doing so as well. You see, all the other western countries were on the population control kick too and consequently cut their populations to suicide levels. So as the decades rolled on, Europe and North America were desperate to keep the sterility gods appeased by competing for immigrants.  But the pools of immigrants today are drying up very quickly because of the “success” of population control programs around the world. Therefore, immigration will not be a long term solution. It’s basically a short-term mortgage on the West’s future.

Also, immigration only further exacerbates the burden placed on the State since the average age of a new immigrant is already 30 years of age or so. In 35 years, the State will have to incur another financial liability, instead of deferring it 65 years in the case of a new born.  That’s a thirty year postponement of a liability!

Secondly, the first wave of immigrants came from largely Christian cultures so their integration was much less problematic. As the pool of immigrants from Christian cultures dried up, the West then turned to the Islamic countries in order to prop up their sagging and debauched economies and cultures. But that integration is not going so smoothly, as we are discovering. In fact, we are seeing a clash of civilizations and values.  It’s not going to end very well, either.

Take a second look at the graph above.  See the trend? See how top heavy we’ve become over the past 50 years? See how in the next 50 years, the whole thing might collapse on us?  See how important natural and large Canadian famlies are to not only our economy but our freedoms as well?

We need to stop supporting the anti-family policies of our government and start supporting policies that build up the Canadian family.

No family? No future. No freedom. No hope.

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