Free Thinkers Society presents good lineup

The 2nd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2011 has released their schedule for this fall. There are some interesting films and debates in the lineup, which runs from Nov.11 to 13. The ones below caught my attention:

The Biases of the CBC
40 minutes
2010 James Cohen & Fred Litwin

Please join us for our first self-produced documentary which examines whether the CBC is biased against Israel and biased against conservatives. After the film, we will have a panel discussion with Mark Fegelman of HonestReporting Canada, Stephen Taylor of the NCC, and Brian Lilley of Sun News.

Freedom of What?cott
Watch the Trailer
67 minutes, 2011 Canada

This documentary walks the fine line between comedy and controversy, between tolerance and hate, capturing one man’s unforgettable journey to the Supreme Court of Canada. Bill Whatcott is a Canadian social conservative who actively campaigns against homosexuality and abortion. On February 25, 2010 the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal overturned a Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal ruling against him alleging discrimination against 4 gay people and fining him $17,500. The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, where we are awaiting a ruling. This documentary looks at both sides of this issue.
Speaker: Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Watch the Trailer
52 minutes, 2010 United States
iYAGO Entertainment Group

For decades, sociologists, psychologists and academics have examined the plethora of social ills children of divorce encounter over their lifetimes. For the first time, the fathers of divorce are given a platform and a voice to share their most intimate feelings around the challenges of not having full and complete access to their children. We have all heard the stories of biases family courts, bitter spousal retributions, exorbitant alimony, child-support and lawyer fees, but have we ever stopped to wonder what goes on in the heart of a father, when his is alone, with no knowledge of where his children are?

Sick and Sicker
50 minutes, 2010 United States
Logan Darrow Clements

An American look at Canadian health care. Logan Darrow Clements shows what happens when “the government becomes your doctor” using licensed news footage from Canadian TV, interviews with doctors, patients, journalists, a health minister, a Member of Parliament, a doctor who went on a hunger strike as well as the producer’s own Canadian relatives. Clements even rents a hospital to show the mismatch between supply and demand in a medical system run by politicians.

3 Billion and Counting
Watch the Trailer
108 minutes, 2010 United States
Frogbite Productions

Dr. Rutledge and his team take an in depth look into a disease that has killed more people than any disease ever known — Malaria. They interview African, Indian, and US Governments, charitable organizations, scientists, politicians, doctors, clinics, victims, and survivors. They explore and expose the politics of domestic and international policies and find the evidence that the public never truly understood. What they find is astonishing. The greatest ecological genocide in the known history of man is laid bare — the 1972 ban of an extraordinary life-protecting chemical DDT. This is politics — the cold brutal crookedness that kills with a stroke of a pen. Short-sightedness of governmental and environmental policies is causing the deaths of millions and the suffering of billions. When the EPA, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Sierra refused interviews, Dr. Rutledge knew he had touched a nerve.
“In his dissection of the rise of the environmental movement and the fall of science, Dr. Taylor not only educates us, but he also sparks outrage about the unforeseen consequences of a scientifically ignorant chemical witchhunt, one that has caused untold human suffering and billions of deaths, primarily among children.”
— Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, National Review, Sept. 2010

3 thoughts on “Free Thinkers Society presents good lineup

  1. Concerned citizens must realize that democratic politics govern the laws of Western Civilization. People ought to be commended for using their talents to influence other pro-family citizens to join them, so that This Culture War raging for the minds and souls of Western Nations can be won for the sanctity of life side. Before our society was re-educated to believe that the religion of Politically Correct Relativism is true the majority knew it to be non-sense. We must also expose the phonies that masquerade as leaders, who along with their sheep reduce the name Christian to almost a swear word to the impressionable and unbelievers. I have found that Religious Politically Correct Relativists who say they believe in tolerance reveal themselves to be the most bigoted.

  2. “3 billion and counting” is a notoriously inaccurate movie — may as well be listed as fiction.

    Start with the title: 3 billion what? Mosquitoes? Falsehoods in the movie? What are they counting? (No, they can’t answer that question — ask them and see.)

    Here’s a list of problems, with links to even more problems explained:

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