Free the Children Board member also on Board of NGO distributing 100,000 condoms

Andrew Black is a member of the Canadian Board of Directors of Free the Children. He’s also on the Board of Directors of an NGO called Virgin Unite (see his resume here on LinkedIn). Virgin Unite is part of the Virgin conglomerate (music, mobile, airline, etc.).

Virgin Unite does a lot of stuff, but we know they’re deeply involved in distributing condoms. For example, check out this article from their website:

The One Brand has donated over 100,000 One condoms to Virgin Unite to distribute to the Bhubezi and Ndlovu Clinics in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa.

This announcement comes on World Aids Day and aims to help people in the fight against the spread of HIV AIDS.

Virgin Unite CEO Jean Oelwang commented: “Everyone has the right to basic healthcare. We are very pleased to be working with the One Foundation to distribute their generous donation of over 100,000 condoms to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. (Source)

Notice how Virgin Unite includes condoms as part of “basic healthcare.” ¬†You really have to be careful before trusting a secular NGO with your money these days. While everybody wants to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS, condoms are neither effective nor moral.

Andrew Black is the latest member of Free the Children’s Board that has been found to support the distribution of contraception, which says a lot about what advice they must be giving Free the Children regarding its family planning and reproductive health activities.

5 thoughts on “Free the Children Board member also on Board of NGO distributing 100,000 condoms

  1. Does anyone know if there is a cell company that is not involved with immoral funding? A number of years ago I cancelled Telus because of their support for a certain parade. Now it seems I should cancel Virgin. Any recommendations?

  2. In the Canada and The West of my youth,things weren’t perfect, but parents and grandparents stayed politically organized to make sure Canadian children started school with The Lord’s Prayer, led by their teachers. The Ten Commandments were on Schoolroom,Courtroom and Government walls. The people who didn’t go to Church were more Christian than the majority of the ones that go today. Canada went through Two World Wars as a Christian Country in Government, Law and Education. The Religion/View of Secularism isn’t neutral like it dishonestly claims to be, but legalizes and then spreads it’s worldview to everyone ,starting with innocent,impressionable schoolchildren. Elected Western Politicians pass Bills into law,and enforce them on everyone,starting with Kindergarteners. In a democracy therefore political apathy and indifference is Diabolical, don’t you think?

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