Free the Children and the Ottawa Catholic School Board

Two blog posts were posted on Socon or Bust last night, linking to LifeSite News’ article on the Ottawa Catholic School Board and Free the Children and their involvement with contraception in Kenya.

In those articles, Steve and I alleged that the trustees hid the Kielburger’s contraception confession from the Parents’ Group who had been making inquiries about Free the Children’s involvement.

Steve G apologizes for that statement.

I also withdraw those comments, for the time being, pending more investigation.

We made the comments in good faith based on the known facts of the events at the time — which are still very disturbing and puzzling.

John Pacheco and Steve G

Update:  No further comment will be made at this time, until the dust settles.  There’s a lot of poor communication and legitimate suspicion in this sad story.  Let’s see how the whole thing shakes down, if more of the facts become public.

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