Free Speech Under Attack In All Banana Republics of the World

While the USS Cole bombers are all free in Yemen, my friend the Yemeni journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani will be sentenced May 21 in a bogus trial and likely will get the death penalty or a long prison term. He is charged with insulting the president and demoralizing the military with an article about the Sa’ada war. He is an internationally renowned journalist and one of Yemen’s most prominent and outspoken democracy advocates.

This is the guy I made the online petition for in March 2005 and the bloggers all helped and he got amnesty. Since then he and I have become good friends. He loves democracy and hates al-Qaeda as much as I do. And he’s paid the price for it. Since he was released in 2005, Al-Khaiwani has been beaten, kidnapped, censored and imprisoned. His paper was cloned, his website blocked and his children threatened.

Al-Khaiwani was badly beaten during his arrest in June 2007. His daughter, six year old Ebba, was slapped by police so hard that she fell unconscious. After Al-Khaiwani’s arrest and release on bail, he was kidnapped and badly beaten again. The US State Department issued a statement from DC noting his abduction pointed to, “disturbing trend of intimidation and harassment of Yemen’s journalist community.”

Al-Khaiwani was charged on July 4 with aiding the rebel movement by publishing war news. As you may know, the war in Sa’ada has been called a state sponsored genocide with strong parallels to the Sudan. I published photos of the damage in Sa’ada caused by indiscriminate (or deliberate) government bombing. I interviewed rebel spokesman Yahya al-Houthi, and posted it. (My website is now banned in Yemen.) By the standard of “demoralizing the military”, I’d also be subject to the death penalty if I was in Yemen. So would half of the bloggers here in the US.

As al-Khawiani’s sentencing approaches on May 21, fear is growing in Yemen and internationally that a guilty verdict in his case will open the door for a brutal crackdown on Yemen’s already endangered journalistic community. (Source: Not Ready for My Burqua)

We’re still away off from this, but if we don’t rein in Canada’s Star Chambers now, this is what they can morph into in due time.  In the future, if the docile citizens to do not comply with the prime directives of the State and their thugs at the Star Chambers, this is what can happen.

Al-Khaiwani today in one banana republic. Mark Steyn tomorrow in another.

The only silver lining is that Al-Khawani is not being tried by the Canadian Star Chambers where there is a 100% conviction rate. 

5 thoughts on “Free Speech Under Attack In All Banana Republics of the World

  1. Arab Islamic Law: Muhammad took the political laws which governed seventh-century Arabian tribes and made them into Allah’s laws.
    In such tribes the Caliph or Sheik, had absolute authority over those under him. There was no concept of civil or personal rights in seventh-century Arabia. The head of the tribe decided whether you lived or died. This is why Islamic countries are ruled by dictators or “strong men” who rule as despots.

    Democracy has never flourished in muslim nations because of the religion of Islam. Iran is an example of what happens to a nation when the Islamic clergy take over the government. The despots of the Ottoman Empire, and present dictators of Libya, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen are merely examples of seventh-century Arabian tyranny transplanted into modern times.

    Because there was no concept of freedom or civil rights in the tribal life of seventh-century Arabia, Islamic law does not recognize freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, or freedom of the press. This is why non-Muslim Arabs are routinely denied the most basic civil rights. In Western countries the citizens got there human rights from the Bible. Before Christianity there was never the rights and freedoms that people have enjoyed before in history. Now that the Ten Commandments are no longer on Canadian Schoolroom or courtroom walls they are going out of peoples minds as well, and our human rights are in the hands of the Darwinian Humanists who are in Power.

  2. Darwin’s theory can not be proven by geology, paleontology, biology, anthropology or any empirical data. It is believed by faith.

    Darwin’s survival of the fittest and the superior race dastroys the inferior people has become the religion of Darwinian Humanism that worships man, him or herself. The Man-god.

    The freedoms we enjoy here in Canada and most of the western world came from the justice of the Bible’s ten commandments and the Bible that all mankind being made in the image of God deserves inalienable rights that they ought not to be slaves but remain free.

    Now with the wordview of politically correct moral relitivism and Darwinian humanism all moral judgements have become arbitrary here in the west.

    The result of this is as follows. Population projections according to Statistics Canada. Canada’s population is aging fast and senior citizens would outnumber children in a decade. The projections show by 2011 senior citizens would account for about 25 percent of our total population and continue to grow.

    We are not beasts but humans. We should start loving our unborn children instead of murdering them by the millions.

    The fetus is your baby. You are “responsable” for your actions.
    Choice – kill or nurture ? The only so-called choice view is murder without guilt and love without meaning the conclusion of Darwinian Humanism that is taught to our children from kindergaten through university.

    If we don’t change our own country’s morality how can we judge islam for brainwashing their young people to becoming human bombs and killing infidels and then going to Allah’s paradise?

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  4. (Good Morning, Karim asked me to forward this letter to the bloggers and readers that are supporting him, Jane)

    “Thank you very much for this campaign, which comes in the context of the overall values that we believe, and they punish us when we believe those values and adopt them. I do not want to talk about myself, but rather the environment that we live in and suffering we endure from the inconsistency between what the authorities announce about democracy and freedoms, and what happens when we believe in those same things, democracy and freedoms.

    They want us to practice our rights as they understand them, but we do it ideally. The regime said that democracy is the way of ruling, but when we try to practice our rights within this concept, criticizing the way that the regime governs and how they act, then they deal with us in a way that has no relation to democracy. They deal with us as outlaws. They use all of the state’s resources to attack anyone who has any opinions not corresponding with their opinions, and to attack those who even discuss their way of ruling.

    What I am suffering and facing is part of the price I and many others pay for the democracy and freedom we hope to achieve in the future. At least we are preparing for a healthy environment that we want the next generation to live in. We believe that democracy and freedom have an expensive price, and this is a part of that price.

    However that doesn’t mean we will keep silent and bend, as it is the price. We will refuse injustice peacefully. Solidarity is a way to enhance new civil values which support the democracy we will make with our sacrifice and with the support of others. We pay the price of the freedom for ourselves and for the generations after us. Again, thank you very much for your help and support.”

    Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani
    Sana’a, Yemen

    (From Jane: Again the link to the one-click letter campaign is:

    background article: )

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