Free Dominion Day Poem

Free Dominion Day

This July 18th is Free Dominion Day,
where leftist tyranny and star chamber courts are the law and way.

A tyranny has been growing these past few years we all can plainly see,
to attack our families, Jesus, you, and me.

Our Christian fathers fought on far off shores
to protect our life, our way, and mores.

And if we could we would love to ask,
would our Christian fathers do the same today if put to the task?

Would they shed their blood and lose their lives,
for a country which has destroyed its sons, daughters, husbands, and wives?

And as for this generation, what has come of it?
Is there anything we would sacrifice or die for, or are we content with this pink outfit?

To see the Left wittle away at our freedoms,
to muzzle, to fine, and then to imprison.

What is it going to take for us to oppose these leftist twits,
who can’t stream two arguments together because they come from the same feminist culture of shit?

And many of them wake up in the morning and decide to complain,
invoking the Star Chamber court and calling down the rain.

How long, do you think, will it be before the Left realizes,
that respect for the law requires the law to fit all speech sizes.

And just how long do you think will Canadians put up with this yoke,
before Canada is no longer known as a country of peaceful blokes?

Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Lefty, and do try to realize before you preach,
that what keeps the peace and rule of law is our God-given right to free speech.

So, then, my conservative Canadian brethren,
understand clearly that this is our day, our hour and our leaven:

To speak the truth and stand on guard are not just words we sing on hockey days,
but here, right now, on this July 18th, our Free Dominion Day.

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