+Fred Tells Iggy That His Pro-Abort Position is Pathetic

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry on Friday called Mr. Ignatieff’s proposal “pathetic,” while on Thursday Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto labelled the Liberal leader’s position on abortion and the developing world “sad.”

“In light of the many positive contributions that Canada can make to the improvement of maternal and child health, it is astonishing that the leader of the Opposition has issued an official statement advocating contraception and abortion as fundamental elements in addressing this important issue,” said Archbishop Collins. “Even those who think that abortion should be allowed do not, however, propose it as a positive contribution to the good of society.”

Bishop Henry was even more blunt.

“I thought it was pathetic for a political leader to suggest that abortion is somehow tied to the health of women and children,” said Bishop Henry. “It was a particularly crass remark in light of all the orphaned children we now see in Haiti. It was absolutely incredible that he would say that and he is alienating religious people with these comments. This will not win him votes.” 



As a 22-year-old Canadian woman, I felt I needed to inform Ignatieff that there is by no means a Canadian consensus in favour of abortion. I believe that it is scientifically indisputable that abortion is the act of terminating a human life.

We should all be committed to improving conditions for women in Canada and around the world so that no mother is ever in such a desperate situation that she feels forced to abort her child.
In the 1988, the very year I was born, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our country’s abortion law and Parliament has since failed to pass any bill at all on abortion.
Abortion on demand became legal and funded by taxpayer’s dollars even up to the ninth month of pregnancy in Canada not because that is the will of all Canadians but rather because of political cowardice.
According to a new Angus Reid public opinion poll, only 20 per cent of Canadians are aware of the current status quo of abortion in Canada. When informed about existing regulations, only 30 per cent endorsed them. This hardly amounts to a consensus.
I can even offer further evidence that the pro-life position exists in our country. Last night, the Ottawa Students for Life hosted Andrea Mrozek, who spoke on the very topical subject of whether being pro-life is antithetical to being pro-woman.
Let’s focus on saving the lives of women and children, not exporting abortion to other countries.
Marissa Poisson,
If Harper didn’t set this up, it’s worked well for him nonetheless. Iggy is slowly finding out that abortion is not the passport to power it once was.  By the end of this exercise, he’ll get the message. You’ll see.
But I still believe that Steve set Iggy up.  And it’s working rather well.
p.s. Here’s another one.  Hit the reverse button, Iggy. 

8 thoughts on “+Fred Tells Iggy That His Pro-Abort Position is Pathetic

  1. How can we fail to notice the parallels between Iggy’s model of international development and that of the CCCB? Both insist on offering condoms and birth control pills when they give out food or medical support.

    I’m sorry, but the comments of Bishop Henry and Archbishop Collins ring hollow because they are implementing Iggy’s proposal. More hypocrisy.

  2. That’s exactly right, Steve. It’s a point I made to Bishop X last year.

    The only difference between the pro-abort groups that the CCCB sponsors and Iggy’s position is that the former has their financial support while the latter has their condemnation.

    After all, Iggy has other great social positions “consistent with the teaching of the Church”, right?

    That’s the exact same argument that Bishop X made in defense of these groups. Basically, “not everything they do is bad.”

    This is so inane and absurd that it’s a parody.

    Thanks for stopping by, Fr. Tim. I will visit and add my comments.

  3. Pacheco: The thanks is all your. I visit your blog every day! We may not agree on everything, but I have absolutely no doubt that your heart is in the right place. The Church needs voices like yours, especially in these difficult times. Even if one or two of your allegations turn out to not be exactly as you think, I have to admit that you are right FAR MORE than you are wrong.

    Please keep up the excellent work.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Well, thank you, Father. I will be the first to admit that I am wrong if the facts are not as I have reported them, and to publicly apologize when I am wrong. I’ve done it before on this blog and I’ll do it again. I am usually very careful in reporting things. There is always a judgement call. But truth be told, it’s not so much the truth of the matter which is at issue. The issue is whether detraction is justified or not. I’d say 90% of my posts are on the justifiable side. Occasionally, I get a little snarky. That’s when my wife steps in. 🙂

    This is not a pleasant job. I feel sick to my stomach that I have to oppose those in positions of power in the Church. The Catholic way is to obey and to defer to our bishops and superiors. It’s ripping me apart to publicly oppose them, but I have no choice in some cases. Even in my own parish, I have not sought to get my parish priest to refuse to send in the D&P collection, but rather to attach a note indicating disagreement. I do not advocate disobedience since that is the kiss of death for the Church.

    If I knew that the D&P situation was really going to be taken care of in the next couple of years COMPLETELY, I’d keep my mouth shut from here on in.

    And there are times I just want to throw in the towel and let the whole thing go to hell…but I can’t do that either….so I live my own purgatory (as other Catholic bloggers do), and, as I am sure, some of the better bishops and priests do as well.

  5. Praise God for Calgary Bishop Fred Henry and Archbishop Collins, and anyone else who has the balls to speak out against the abortion pushers.

  6. I guess I was just glad to hear someone who has the media’s ear speak out against Ignatieff. I agree, “not everything they do is bad.” doesn’t wash.

  7. Iggy still thinks he is in the Chretien era, who erroneously stated in 2000 that we have “social peace” on the issue of abortion. The arrogance of the Chretien/Trudeau era still haunts the Liberal party.

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