Francis, the Lionheart

And with a reference to the 20th century novel “Lord of the World” that focuses on the spirit of worldliness that leads to apostasy, Pope Francis warned against the desire to “be like everyone else” and what he called an “adolescent progressivism”. “What do you think?” – he said bitterly – “that today human sacrifices are not made? Many, many people make human sacrifices and there are laws that protect them”.

Right on, Francis!  I think the Pope has caught on that people were getting the wrong message.  Now, it’s time for some serious correction.  And whoa is he really ripping it!

If he keeps this up, he’s gonna be my favourite Pope ever!


One thought on “Francis, the Lionheart

  1. This is good news. When Pope Benedict abdicated I predicted the Cardinals would choose some who was ideologically close to Benedict but with teeth. Turns out that’s what we got. Deo Gratias.

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