Fr. Rosica’s Mad As Hell Tour Ramps Up on the West Coast

Here we go again.

Fr. Rosica’s control issues have flared up again, and he has felt the need to lash out once more over something he can’t control.

Everywhere he travels, he sees the influence Catholic bloggers and independent news services are having on the Church, and he doesn’t like it at all.   Since he is an active member of CanChurch, of course, this to be expected, and his latest tirade on the West Coast only confirms it.  Let’s check it out:

However, he said because anybody can create a blog, readers must be wary.

Can you imagine!  Catholics placing trust in people other than Salt + Light, Fr. Rosica, and CanChurch !  Say it isn’t so, Fr. Rosica!  The tragedy of it all!

It just so happens that people shouldn’t be weary of Salt+Light’s Blog, of course, because Fr. Rosica runs it.  And, you know, Catholics can always count on Fr. Tom to get to the truth of the matter without any spin whatsoever!

“We have rules among the staff. We don’t put things on the blog that are deprecating, implicating, or foolish,” Father Rosica said. “Websites and blogs, especially Catholic ones, tend to concentrate on negative messages.”

That’s pretty laughable considering his past scandalous escapades.  He wildly accused critics of  Sen. Edward Kennedy’s public funeral of division, destruction, hatred, vitriol, judgment and violencedestroying and killing others.  And then last month, he used his friends over at The Toronto Star as a mega phone to foolishly call Catholics who disagree with him “Taliban Catholics“.

Hey, in the rough and tumble world of the blogosphere, sometimes you have to give as well as you receive. Now, Fr. Rosica has been on the receiving end of some (justifiably) heavy criticism in recent years, but as you can see, dear reader, he’s pretty good at imparting his own (cheap) criticisms.  The problem with Fr. Rosica, however, is that he can certainly dish it out, but he can’t take it when he gets served some of his own dessert.  Every time he opens his mouth, it’s to falsely criticize something that he himself is guilty of – a hundredfold more.  There’s none so blind as the self-righteous progressive.

Father Rosica said a study of Catholic blogs involving non-Catholics and non-Christians looking at Catholic blogs found they were filled with “filth, hate, conjecture, and innuendo.”

Oh yeah, what “study” is that?  Let’s get specific, Father.  Who commissioned this “study”?  And which precise demographic’s opinion did it solicit?  I think you have a moral obligation to give us the details of this study, Father, now that you have made the claim.  I’ll be holding you to it, in the coming months and years.

He added some blogs attempt to claim they are official, using the Vatican crest or a picture of the Pope. Many of these blogs often have “vitriolic, vindictive messages,” he said, citing the LifeSite News blog as a major culprit.

What garbage and calumny.

“The LifeSite blog is not a Catholic blog. It is not an authoritative blog,” he said.

They never claimed that they were.  Fr. Rosica should stop setting up stupid strawmen to establish a non-existent argument.  I think this comment betrays a certain paranoia which Fr. Rosica has with the influence that LifeSiteNews has gained over the years.  Oh, and by the way, LifeSiteNews is not a blog.  Socon or Bust is a blog.  LifeSiteNews is a legitimate news agency which reports the inconvenient truths that the lapdog Catholic press refuses to report.

“It has caused huge problems in the North American church, not just in Canada.”  Father Rosica said American bishops are upset about the division it has caused in the Church.

The division is already there.  The only difference is that finally someone has had the courage to call out that the Emperor has no clothes — kind of like what has happened with Development & Peace and their pro-abort sponsoring ways which Fr. Rosica’s Channel of Hope has substantially failed to cover or even really admit.  Nor has Fr. Rosica acknowledged the role that LifeSiteNews played in getting the Bishops to finally admit the truth.

I tell you most solemny, dear readers, that when the truth causes “huge problems” in the Church, then the Church has huge problems with The Lord.  Fr. Rosica has to get off of this “PR image is god” bandwagon that he’s on, and get to the heart of the issue.   We’ve got no more room on the wagon for company men.

“One of the American cardinals asked me where the headquarters was and I said, `It’s somebody’s basement in the Ottawa Valley.’ He thought it was a tower in downtown Toronto, so it’s extremely deceiving.”

And yet, Salt + Light TV with its millions of dollars in gay-friendly corporate sponsorship will never have the impact that LifeSiteNews has had with its deep and wide support among Faithful Catholics and other Christians.

LifeSite and other blogs, Father Rosica said, are especially dangerous when many priests “read the blogs more than they read the Scriptures or the Vatican website.” He said many laypeople are referencing the blogs more than the authoritative teachings of the Church.

Unless Fr. Rosica can point to specific errors in LifeSiteNews’ reporting concerning Catholic teaching, his comments are not worth a hill of beans.  When CanChurch finally witnesses to the truth and stops dragging its feet on fighting abortion, then it will have the respect of the Catholic Faithful.  The hierarchy would have no problem with LifeSiteNews if the bishops just did their jobs.

“Some blogs have coarsened Catholic dialogue in the past years: the anti-Obama Catholic blogs; the so-called pro-life blogs, that may be advocating pro-life, but they are decimating persons and reputations,” Father Rosica noted.

Obama!  The most notorious pro-abort politician in the history of the world.  How predictable that he would criticize “anti-Obama” Catholic blogs. Doesn’t that say it all?  Our Channel of Hope has a whole new dimension in light of Rosica’s criticism of “anti-Obama” blogs.

He added that non-Catholics also see these blogs online, which can give a skewed perception of what the Church stands for. “If we judged our identity on certain websites and blogs on the Internet, Christians and Catholics would be known as the people who stand against everything and against everyone,” he said. “If anything we should be known as the people who are for something.”

CanChurch is great at Churchspeak.  You see, folks, we can’t be against anything.  We always have to be for something.

10 thoughts on “Fr. Rosica’s Mad As Hell Tour Ramps Up on the West Coast

  1. Maybe Fr. Roscia is mad because all us “Taliban Catholics” watch EWTN instead of Salt and Light. And, since I’ve mentioned EWTN, wasn’t it Fr. Roscia who made a veiled criticism of their news director Raymond Arroyo because of his coverage of the Kennedy funeral?

    I’ve never met Fr. Roscia but Seraphic Spouse over at WDTPRS describes him: “…he’s the hot-tempered kind of guy that says exactly what’s on his mind, not necessarily in the most democratic way.”

    I guess there’s a lot of people he doesn’t like. Too bad. We’re really nice once you get to know us. 😉

  2. I agree with your comments 100%. Father Rosica is indeed a “Judas” that exists within the Catholic Church. It is this type of duplicity that tarnishes the hierarchy, and brings a twisted message to the world.

  3. @SMC: And then I immediately corrected myself. I meant “not necessarily in the most DIPLOMATIC way.”

    Taking on the blogs in 2011 is like taking on the printing press in 1511. By 1500, printers had already published 20 million volumes. Meanwhile, I wish more people did read the documents on the Vatican website. However, if they don’t, it may be because it takes too much time and work to read that kind of thing from a computer screen. It is way easier to read a blogpost about Sacramentum Consilium than to read the whole thing off the “brown scroll.” How nice it would be if every Sunday there were HOMILIES about the documents on the Vatican website.

    I too would LOVE to see this study. If Father R had blogged his comments instead of saying them aloud, hopefully he would have provided the link. The thing about blogging is that you can link, and people want to see your links.

  4. What Fr. Rosica needs to realize is that the blogs are a reaction to the opposite problems among the church leadership. It really is quite amazing that Catholics can be raised in the Church and attend mass every Sunday, and yet still be completely ignorant on important parts of the faith.

    Until that is fixed, Fr. Rosica really should concentrate on fixing his own problems instead of fighting against the grass-roots backlash.

  5. As a blogger who is Catholic and writes on liturgical and cultural issues, I have received over a dozen private attacks via email by a certain Chief Executive Officer that have been personal, cruel, hurtful and distressing ; alas it would probably be sinful to publish them, but I wonder…maybe the “outing” needs to happen.

  6. David,

    May I suggest that you send his comments to you to Archbishop Collins by registered mail, as well as to the Nuncio, and to the Holy Father himself.

    I think that is the most prudent course of action.

  7. And for a bit of a different attitude:

    Heard on EWTN Radio’s “Women of Grace Live” at 11:06 AM April 6, 2011

    “…the Internet, the blogosphere; very important in our time.” Father Father Ed Sylvia.

  8. Wow, David, my sincerest sympathies.
    I think Mr. Pacheco’s suggestion is the proper course of action. Archbishop Collins is a good bishop and will give proper attention to the situation. Keep us posted.

    God bless.

  9. Thanks for posting this I was so frustrated when I read his latest in the BC Catholic. Esp that part about the rules they use for their blogs- Seems like everyone deserves charity but the orthodox pro-lifers-
    I wish just once he would back up his general criticisms of LifesiteNews with ONE real example-but over and over it’s really just a lot of hot air-I guess he thinks if you say it in public loud enough and long enough people will start to believe the rumor that LSN is “bombastic” and “does the work of Satan” “With 90% lies and exaggerations” who “deceive people” by pretending that they work in glass towers in Toronto. (actually anyone who knows the folks at LSN (as I do) knows they would never waste money paying rent for office space in a ‘glass tower’-that is not their style. Every penny is spent on getting the news out, not on being pretentious)

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