Fr. Rosica, Shaken and Stirred

Well, given Fr. Rosica’s grand eulogization of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., much is now explained about Fr. Rosica’s worldview.  The deceased Cardinal was a mentor (of sorts) to Fr. Rosica.  I think we can collectively add, “Ohhhhhh. Now it all makes sense.”

Indeed it does.

Some of Martini’s positions in relation to remarried divorcees, the recognition of same-sex unions and the subject of bioethics, have sparked a great deal of debate in recent years. Some thought that Martini’s questioning might be too open for Catholic moral doctrine. They missed the boat in what he was saying.

No we didn’t, Father. We got it, like anyone versed in Churchspeak gets it – even Archbishops get what he was saying.  Even the authorities at the CDF get it, but don’t go public with it for obvious reasons.  We didn’t miss the boat on what he was saying at all.  He was attacking the boat that we’re currently voyaging on.  Have you heard of it? It’s called the Barque of Peter.

In addition to his scandalous dissents on sexual ethics, we all know what he wanted to do with authority and the priesthood in the Church too.  His liberal, un-Catholic views were very well known.

They also didn’t pay attention to his other clear declarations in defense of marriage, life and against abortion, in favour of equality in education and his proposals for a careful and intelligent integration of Muslims into Milanese society were at the core of his teaching and pastoral ministry.

His declarations about the defense of marriage and life were shabby at best and a scandal at worst.  His open and brazen dissent on Humanae vitae was not the language of a faithful son of the Church, and his support for homosexual civil unions was another scandalCardinal Martini didn’t write the Winnipeg Statement, but he sure was its spiritual author.

Those who wish to label him “the liberal archbishop” or the “anti-Pope”; or to set him against either Pope John Paul II or Benedict XVI are wrong in their immature and uninformed judgment. Martini’s Christianity was profoundly rooted in the Word of God, in the Sacraments and in the Church. He was an intelligent, loyal servant of the Church.

Of course. We all know that Cardinal Martini is saved.  You said so yourself, Father:  “Please join us to pray in thanksgiving for the life and rich ministry of this great shepherd and teacher, who is now in the presence of his Lord and Master of the Church whom he served with love and dedication.” (Source).  Blessed John Paul II took many years to be declared Blessed but Martini is put on the fast track of a day or two!  Here’s a hint to everyone out there:  Martini is no saint and there will be no invocations to him — other than perhaps by NCR, the liberal secular rags and by Fr. Rosica.

Faithful sons of the Church do not refer to Her as “200 years out of date”.   We all know what he was saying.  It’s the same kind of diplomatic blather which got a pass and a wink in decades gone by, but in the future, this kind of concealed cheap talk will be called out on the carpet.  We won’t tolerate it anymore.

And as for “immaturity” and being “uniformed”, these are the typical labels high-browed liberals like Fr. Rosica like to mete out to us peasants.  It’s the pathetic attempt to brow-beat people who are indeed hip to what the Cardinal has said.  It’s not just us, either.  Many if not most faithful bishops and cardinals share our views of the late Cardinal, and Fr. Rosica knows it too.  That’s why there are fewer and fewer Cardinal Martinis in the College of Cardinals.  In fact, I don’t think there are any left.  The “Progressive” experiment has finally passed on.  That’s why there’s hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth in the press and among the Catholic Left.

Cardinal Martini was a brilliant man who did a few good things. It’s tragic, however, that he chose to use his prominence to attack the Church’s magisterium on many central issues of our day.  We should pray that the Lord has mercy on his soul, but as for a public celebration of his ministry?  I dissent.


4 thoughts on “Fr. Rosica, Shaken and Stirred

  1. The Catholic Church’s view and many Catholics is that if you agree with abortion and homosexuality but do a few good things like give money to the poor, then basically you’re doing some good. But in whose name are they giving to the poor? I’ve spoke with the archdiocese about St. Joseph’s and they’re afraid to do anything there because they’re doing some “god” and they don’t want to lose parishioners.

    Fr. Rosica liek all priests and minsiters will be judged at a higher level.

  2. “Only the Catholic Church can save a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his time.” -GK Chesterton (1874-1936)-
    The criticisms of Cardinal Martini are regrettable. They are truly not excusable because he had a left-wing reputation, was a Jesuit, was old (85) and was very sick.
    Saying the Church is “200 years behind the times” is certainly, on his part, an understatement. They are 2000 years “behind the times”. Her teachings, like her Founder, are “ever new; ever old”. They are a part of objective morality which can never change. These are not rules made by men. So, the Church has no ability to alter natural law nor divinely revealed laws. They remain true and binding in every generation.
    If the teachings of our Church were to be changed according to the times, we, as Catholics, could have no confidence in them nor assurance that objective morality was permanent, and so would “do as we please” presuming that God`s commandments were going to change sometime at the whim of a “contemporary” relativistic Church.
    When one`s personal views are at variance with the Church’s actual teachings there is no point in being Catholic
    This is why we have today 40,000 [!] Protestant denominations, each of which has put its own interpretation on the Word of God to bring it “up to date”.
    Other denominations have modified their teachings to accommodate the permissive ethos that dominates modern secular culture, but the Catholic Church is the guardian of and preserves the teaching of Jesus and the early Christians.
    Cardinal Martini proved himself to be no more than a modernist dissident who betrayed the position of trust he had vowed to honour. He was a shepherd in wolves clothing.
    Our Divine Lord founded His Church to teach His Commandments until the end of time (Matt 28: 18-20).
    God is from everlasting. His laws,both natural and divine are precious permanent gifts which, if followed, allow one to be free, and to achieve happiness now and for eternity!

    • Completely agree. The Holy Catholic Church has the complete truth, intact, given to us by Jesus Himself. Other Christian religions do have some truth but as you said, have modified His teaching to accommodate today’s lifestyles. What we do need is solid preaching, teaching Catholic doctrine from the pulpit. Sunday after Sunday. These past 2 generations are unschooled in Catholic teaching so it’s not entirely their fault though I suspect, when they deviate from the natural law, unless their conscience is dead, they would sense that something is wrong.

  3. I agree Ms. Cote. “What we do need is solid preaching, teaching Catholic doctrine from the pulpit.” So let’s hear it regularly on abortion until we need to hear it no more because it will have become illegal again.

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