Fr. Rosica exaggerates gay issue

The disturbance in the Force continues at Rome. You gotta watch the 20-minute report from EWTN at the bottom of this post. It’s dense with many important developments, including Fr. Rosica’s startling call for more language porn on gays.

Skip forward to about 12:40 and listen to Fr. Rosica:

There must be an end to exclusionary language and a strong emphasis on embracing reality as it is, and we should not be afraid of new and complex situations… The Jubilee of Mercy requires a language of mercy. In particular, in speaking about homosexuals or gay persons, we do not ‘pity’ gay persons, but we recognize them for who they are. They are our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and neighbours and colleagues.


Fr. Rosica is one of the so-called “language reporters” or spokesmen for the Synod. In this capacity, his job is to accurately report what happens during English-language discussions each day among Synod Fathers.

The subsequent commentary by the EWTN analysts is tactful but scathing. They basically say that Fr. Rosica’s demands come out of nowhere because virtually none of the prelates has raised this matter as a key concern. So why give it such prominence in his summary at the press conference?

Robert Royal on EWTN explains that there appear to be certain elements in the Vatican trying to press this issue forward of their own initiative.

He also astutely remarks that no amount of verbal euphemisms will satisfy the detractors of the Church whose primary beef is not Her choice of words but Her beliefs.

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