Fr. Raymond de Souza Weighs In on D&P

Is the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) indisputably committed to the Gospel of life? Is the pro-life cause as important as, say, their campaign against bottled water? Recent events in Ottawa have brought into question D&P’s pro-life commitment, and therefore the prudence of contributing money to its annual Share Lent campaign.

D&P is the “official interna- tional development organiza- tion of the Catholic Church in Canada” and has the support of Canada’s bishops in raising funds in Catholic parishes. D&P isn’t a missionary organization in the traditional sense — it does not do explicit evangelization. Rather, it supports “partners in the Global South who promote alternatives to unfair social, political and economic structures. … In the struggle for human dignity, the organization forms alliances with northern and southern groups working for social change. It also supports women in their search for social and economic justice.”

Its vision and mission statements say nothing about God, Jesus Christ, the Gospel, Christi- anity, evangelization, salvation or the proclamation of the kingdom. In its own self-presentation it is indistinguishable from a secular hu- manitarian organization, save for its official fundraising activities in Catholic dioceses.

Two years ago, — an agency that prides itself on being a watchdog for orthodoxy among Catholics, including bishops — reported that among D&P’s partners and alliances were groups that support abortion rights. Given that LifeSite is massively unpopular among many Catholic leaders, including bishops, its charges against D&P caused an enormous firestorm about the news agency’s tactics and professionalism. Yet the reports were sufficiently credible that a bishops’ fact-finding mission was dispatched to Mexico to assure Catholics that D&P was not undermining the Church’s pro-life witness…(Source)

That’s a shocker!  Why would he ever say such a thing? And if they think that about LifeSite, they must be having convulsions when they visit this site!  🙂  Fine by me. The more convulsions the better.  Well, it’s good that the “middle of the Church” is now finally FINALLY starting to find its voice.  One cannot stay silent as a Catholic on this issue.  Justice demands a response…especially if you’re well known and respected like Fr. Raymond.

There’s a lot of people in the Church that don’t like LifeSiteNews’ approach — you know, like telling the truth and getting into the details of what is going on…even if it’s (God forbid!!!) embarassing and humiliating for our bishops. 

Glad to see Fr. Raymond, who has been rather quiet on D&P and similar controversies, has also had enough of CanChurch, and we welcome his comments.

4 thoughts on “Fr. Raymond de Souza Weighs In on D&P

  1. I have never put anything in the D&P envelope because it just never sat right with me. Something was off about it. I never knew why until I started readying LifeSite and blogs such as this one. I can only imagine how many people out there have no idea what is going on and it’s a shame. I’ve been at Mass when the homily was replaced by someone stumping for D&P, and no one seems to see that as a problem in itself, let alone the other horrid issues.

    This year, I will make a donation to LifeSite, as you suggest. And I thank the high heavens that I have never once contributed to D&P.

  2. So you finally commented on this link. However I am mixed on your posting:

    Good: You said this “Well, it’s good that the “middle of the Church” is now finally FINALLY starting to find its voice. One cannot stay silent as a Catholic on this issue. Justice demands a response…especially if you’re well known and respected like Fr. Raymond.”

    However, I am disappointed in what you highlighted in the red and how you began the article. I also would have thought you’d have highlighted or gone nuts in a good way over what He said here in the article:

    “If D&P continues to fund or collaborate with the Miguel Pro Centre and similar groups, even after Archbishop Prendergast’s intervention, it will be clear that D&P considers support for groups in favour of abortion rights to be consistent with its mission. In that case, the very Catholic identity of D&P, already greatly attenuated, would definitively be in jeopardy.

    “There can be no real conflict between zeal for social justice and zeal for the sanctity of life,” wrote Archbishop Collins two years ago. “Both are fundamental to the Gospel of Christ, and both must animate His disciples.”

    Does the actual work of D&P advance the Gospel of Christ, including the Gospel of life? The answer should be clear. The events of the last week demonstrate that it is not.

    I would have thought that something like this would have made you very excited, but it seems that even that wasn’t enough to satisfy you. I feel like the message you are giving in this posting is “It doesn’t matter if someone in the middle ground finally gets what I’ve been trying to say. If they don’t say “Lifesitenews good, D and P bad 100%”, they will not be received positively.”

  3. lol! Oh man your wife! ouch. I guess it’s the doghouse for you.

    Just glad you realized it and have edited the posting to reflect that. You gotta be happy with every small victory you and the other church militant achieve in the main Catholic media avenues.

    Christ bless you.

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