Fr. Marcel Guarnizo Suspended

Sadly, after Mass this evening, I received word that Fr. Guarnizo’s assignment at St. John Neuman Parish has been withdrawn and he has been placed on administrative leave with his priestly faculties removed. The notification was signed by Monsignor Knestout, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.. The reason stated for the suspension is that Monsignor Knestout has received several complaints against Fr. Guarnizo claiming intimidating behaviour on his part against parish staff and others, and ‘that is incompatible with proper priestly ministry.’ (Source)

Intimidating behaviour?  Against the liberal mafiosa of some parish councils?  Seems to me to be a very convenient and coincidental opportunity to ditch a solid priest, after the confrontation with a lesbian who demanded his suspension (another coincidence!)  This has all the trappings of blackmail.  Was someone in the gay activist community going to sing like a bird unless this priest was removed?

Still, I caution everyone to take a wait and see approach.  Remember Corapi?  Let’s all chill and wait for more information.

The truth is going to come out.  Hold your guns until we get all of the facts.

We’ll find out if there’s been more Judasizing in the Archdiocese of Washington.  And if we find out that this priest was thrown under the bus again,  God help the liberal mafiosa because it’s going to be open civil war in the Church.  I’ll fly to Rome myself and occupy the Vatican to see some semblance of justice restored.

Back when I was planning the March for Marriage in 2005, I had a telephone conversation with 2 Canadian bishops. I told them that the push for “gay marriage” was a front for getting to the Eucharist. They fell silent on the other end of the phone. They thought I was a loon. I tried to explain it to them. Marriage was ultimately about social acceptance, not about phoney “rights”. That was their game. And when the train from Sodom rolled over marriage, it looked at the last obstacle to total social acceptance: religion. And in particular, the Catholic religion where partaking of the Eucharist signifies total acceptance in the Church and acceptance by God.

My friends, let me tell you how it is…or rather will be. We will continue to fight against the hell-sent attacks on humanity to our dying breath, but we have to accept what is about to befall the Church and the coming persecutions. Our victories in the future won’t be in politics or in front of a judge. Our victories will be in suffering and dying for Our Lord.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. We’re ready. Anything to be rid of this poutine Catholicism once and for all.

Barry O has ditched religious freedom. He’s flipped us a bone and said we can keep religious worship, instead. In light of this attack, just how long do you all think we’ll have before the Messiah of Health Care revokes our right to worship in public, as well?

2 thoughts on “Fr. Marcel Guarnizo Suspended

  1. The time has come for zero tolerance for liberals. I am disgusted. We know this is another Sandra Fluke style thing, and the wuss chancery in Washington has knuckled under.
    This is nothing short of a lynching by the Pink Swastika brigade. If i sound uncharitable to these people, we;ll i’m not going to apologize.
    I will borrow a truism from Michael Savage. Liberalism in all its forms is a dangerous mental disorder. between church support for D&P and other communist subversives in the church to knuckling under to lesbian buddhist gay rights activiusts who are so devoid of any humanity that they will use their own miother’s funeral as an excuse to “get rid of a homophobic bigot”, the Roman catholic church is in big trouble. the tiome is now for a complete purge of liberals, from the chanceries to the pews. Tiome for the leaner meaner church.

  2. Saturday, March 17, 2012
    Canonist Peters thinks Fr.Guarnizo was wrong in witholding the Eucharist to the Barbara Johnson.

    Edward Peters errs in assuming that the outward action does not indicate the internal thoughts or motivation. This is the moral theology of Fr.Bernard Haring and Fr.Charles Curran.
    Homosexuality and lesbianism will always be a mortal sin.It is grave matter and the woman has admitted it in this case.She persists in receiving the Eucharist and still persists in the sin.

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